What causes bleeding during pregnancy

What causes bleeding during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a tricky time for every mother. Even a little complication can worry the mother to be. Bleeding during pregnancy is a terrifying experience. Many first-time mothers worry about the possible effects of this. It is important to understand what causes bleeding in pregnancy and how to recognize the signs of danger. In most cases, it poses no harm to the mother or the baby. Let’s find out the causes and effects of bleeding in the pregnancy. (Also read: Is it normal to have white discharge during pregnancy)

Implanting of the egg
When the fertilized egg plants itself in the uterus, it causes blood spotting. The bleeding is very light. It can last from few hours to few days. Many times women think of it as a light period.

Miscarriage is the biggest worry when it comes to pregnancy. Bleeding during the first trimester doesn’t always mean miscarriage. This signs of miscarriage include pain and cramps in the lower abdomen. There is passing of tissues through the vagina. All these factors together are the sign of miscarriage. (Also read: What Are The Common Pregnancy Worries Which Can Bring Anxiety)

Ectopic pregnancy.
Ectopic pregnancy means that the fertilized embryo has implanted itself outside of the uterus. In most cases, it is in the fallopian tube. When the embryo grows the tube is unable to put up with the weight. This can cause the tube to burst. Which can be the reason behind the bleeding. Ectopic pregnancy’s symptoms include cramps or pain in lower abdomen.

Placenta previa
Sometimes the placenta sets itself on the lower side of the uterus. It partially or completely covers the opening of the birth canal. This is a rare condition. It usually is painless but it is better to seek medical help.

Premature labour
During the second or the third trimester of the pregnancy bleeding can be a premature birth. Few days before the labour, the mucus the covers the vagina will pass out. It contains a small amount of blood in it. If the symptoms of labour or the bleeding occur before the 37th week of pregnancy. It is important to inform the doctor about it.

Other possible reason for bleeding can be the injury to vagina, infection or cervical changes. (Also read: What to do when the morning sickness gets worse)

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