What are the various reasons for stomachache during pregnancy

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What are the various reasons for stomachache during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes a lot of pain in the stomach which brings along a lot of uneasiness. However, to find out the exact cause of the terrible stomach ache is quite difficult during pregnancy. But it is important to know the probable reasons that are causing such extensive pain in the stomach of a lady who is undergoing delivery for the first time. Finding out the causes and symptoms of the problem is also important as it may harm the little one who is inside the womb. Let’s discuss the probable reasons which are leading to such excruciating pain in the stomach. (Also read: What are some uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that might scare you)

What are the various reasons for stomachache during pregnancy?

Ligament stretching: During pregnancy, in the second trimester, one of the prior reasons for stomachache can be ligament stretching. Besides this, there is an extreme pain in the lower belly which is difficult to tolerate. When the uterus grows in size and the uterine wall stretches out, there is a lot of pain in the stomach.

Heartburn: Heartburn is one of the most important problems during pregnancy which causes stomachache. Acid reflux leads to the problem of heartburn. Thus many women face the problem of a stomach ache. (Also read: What is false pregnancy and its symptoms)

Ectopic pregnancy: During Ectopic pregnancy, the egg fertilizes in the uterus. This is the most important reason which leads to stomachache during pregnancy. In such a condition even the minutest physical activity leads to an intolerable pain in the stomach.

Preterm labour: Preterm labour is also known as premature labour. It leads to vaginal discharge accompanied by vaginal bleeding too. This is the main reason for pain in the stomach during the pregnancy.

Miscarriage: Sometimes the problem of stomach ache is also due to miscarriage. It is followed by bleeding and extensive pain. You start feeling nauseated and even get unconscious. However, it is important to know the real cause of stomach ache during pregnancy. (Also read: What are the various superfoods that one must include in a newborn baby’s diet)

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