What are some uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that might scare you

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What are some uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that might scare you

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the body of a woman. These symptoms help you to recognize that you are pregnant. Vomiting, fainting, fatigue etc. are some of the common symptoms of pregnancy. However, there are certain signs which are not that common yet indicates pregnancy. There are some pregnancy symptoms which might scare you and get you on your nerves. But a woman need not worry about the symptoms and should not get scared. All of these problems and changes settle after some time. Let’s discuss those weird and unusual symptoms of pregnancy that woman are not well aware of. (Also read: What is false pregnancy and its symptoms)

What are some uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that might scare you?

Pain in the vagina: During the beginning of pregnancy, a woman might encounter pain in the vagina. This happens due to the huge size of the baby head. It lays a great stress on the nerves present in the pelvis. But if you workout on daily basis after consulting your doctor, this pain might get faded away. However, this pain might grow as you move more towards pregnancy.

Discharge from nipples: During pregnancy, there is a leakage of breast milk from the nipples. As you become pregnant, the milk formation starts taking place in your breasts. Thus, it starts leaking during pregnancy. It is not universal with every pregnant woman. Besides this, it does not impact your breastfeeding process. (Also read: What are the foods you must eat if you are trying to get pregnant)

Swelling and pain of the gums: Due to the sudden change in the hormonal balance, the blood flow in the gums increases. It may lead to pain, bleeding, swelling and sensation in the gums. This problem can be dealt with by taking good care of teeth and gums.

Change in the taste: Pregnancy brings a sudden change in your taste buds. Things which you used to like eating earlier might not be likeable to you anymore. The changes in the hormonal balance of the body may lead to the problem of change in taste buds. However, sometimes even after not eating anything for quite long results in turning your taste into metallic one.

Constipation: Sometimes pregnancy hinders the process of proper digestion. It leads to constipation. However, it might increase if you don’t consume an adequate amount of fibre in your diet. (Also read: What are the lifestyle changes that can help you to conceive safely)

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