Symptoms Of Getting Pregnant Just After Conception

Symptoms Of Getting Pregnant Just After Conception

Just after the conception, you may get a feeling like you have become pregnant. But there are some signs and symptoms which you may feel only if you are ‘really pregnant’. Thus, to be sure about your pregnancy find out the symptoms of pregnancy just after conception here:

You may feel extremely tired even after no such physical exertion causing a feeling of fatigue. You may also experience a lack of energy in the body contributing to restlessness and weakness.

Missed period:
Missing a period is somewhere a major sign. You can miss your period once you have conceived a child or there can be a case of implantation bleeding which results when a foetus gets attached to the uterus but you may think it to be menstrual bleeding. Chances may be no proper stoppage of bleeding as slight bleeding also occurs when the fetus gets attached to the uterus.

Morning sickness:
Apart from the laziness which we all feel early in the morning, when pregnant you may feel sick while getting up from the bed. Pregnant women also encounter a slight headache with heaviness, pricking pain in the body, especially in legs.

This is the time of those old granny’s perception coming true! You may feel like vomiting and nausea without any reason.

Sensitive breasts:
Your breasts may become tender and sensitive. You may get a feeling that your breasts have swollen or enlarged giving you a heavier feeling.

Thus, if you are going through the above-mentioned symptoms then, congratulations! You have entered the beautiful phase of pregnancy and now you are going to be a ‘mommy’. However, please keep in mind that you may experience some symptoms after the conception but there are some signs which take some time to be cleared out. It takes a week or two week’s time to get the clear symptoms of pregnancy.

You cannot be sure of getting pregnant just after making love a night before. Hence, wait for some time to get a clear picture of whether you are pregnant or not. If you are experiencing these symptoms then consult the specialist. Be sure of the pregnancy and if the reports are positive, then take care of yourself while nurturing the child which is developing inside you.

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