Symptoms And Causes Of Iron Deficiency In Pregnant Woman

Symptoms And Causes Of Iron Deficiency In Pregnant Woman

Iron deficiency is a very common problem among women. The risk of iron deficiency appears more when you are pregnant. Your body contains 50 percent more blood than usual. Hence, your body needs extra blood cells to nourish this additional blood. If you have less iron in your body then you will suffer the most as it helps your baby to grow well and safely. If you are having such problems from quite a few years you might eventually develop Anemia. Though it is normal to have mild Anemia during pregnancy, if it gets increased then it will be harmful to you. Here we are discussing the symptoms and the effects of iron deficiency in pregnant women. Read this carefully and check with your doctor if you have any of these symptoms during your pregnancy.

Symptoms of iron deficiency in pregnancy:
From dizziness to leg cramps, you will get many discomforts if you have an iron deficiency in your body. Do not let your baby suffer from this deficiency too. Check with your doctor if you have these problems.

Symptoms And Causes Of Iron Deficiency In Pregnant Woman

1. Dizziness
2. Shortness of breath
3. Headache
4. Pale look
5. Rapid Heartbeat
6. Palpitations or panic
7. Leg cramps
8. Chest pain
9. Cravings for nonfood items

Causes of iron deficiency in pregnancy:
Our body needs iron the most to build haemoglobin, which is the protein in the red blood cells that supplies oxygen to the tissue. And the fall in the haemoglobin level during pregnancy can cause a bigger expansion of plasma volume compared with the red cells of blood volume. Here, you are carrying your baby inside you too, that is why your body wants more iron to flow in the blood. Hence, if you do not have enough iron stores to get enough iron during pregnancy, you could develop iron deficiency Anaemia with in you and your baby both. The disproportion between the rates of plasma and erythrocytes occur during the second trimester usually.

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