Some Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms Which Are Actually Good For You

Some Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms Which Are Actually Good For You

The pregnancy period is full of discomforts and too many annoying symptoms. From having morning sickness to teeth problems, there are a lot of weird symptoms every woman experience. The strange part is, when you are not pregnant this types of illnesses can be dangerous for you but if you are pregnant then these problems are actually good for you. The truth is, your body is changing its systems according to the baby’s growth and your health. That is why some of these annoying problems are good for your health if you are pregnant. Although there are few symptoms which may bring the risk to your health. But here we are going to discuss some of those problems which are good and healthy for your pregnancy. (Also Read: Home Remedies To Reduce The Body Heat During Pregnancy)

Enlarge and sore breasts:
During your initial stage of pregnancy, you notice that your breasts are enlarging and becoming sore. This symptom is actually good for your pregnancy because this is the sign that your estrogen and progesterone is rising. These are essential hormones for pregnancy. This will help your little one to get feed the milk.

When you will reach to 4-6 weeks of your pregnancy, you will notice light pink and brown blood spot. Do not worry by seeing these spots. But if this is happening typically 10 to 14 days after conception, this can be the sign of implantation bleeding. This happens because the fertilised eggs attach themselves to the uterus. This can result in light pink or brown discharge. (Also Read: Major Differences Between First And Second Pregnancy)

Some Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms Which Are Actually Good For You

Morning Sickness:
Morning sickness has not particular timing. But typically it appears during the first 1-5 months. This is the most common pregnancy symptoms over all. Thanks to our idiot box. Experts believe that during pregnancy a rapid rise in the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone happens. That is why the increase in hCG is needed for a pregnancy to progress. In fact, this frequent puke during the morning sickness is good for the baby. Recent research says that those women who experience morning sickness are less likely to miscarry or deliver prematurely.

Vaginal Discharge:
Vaginal discharge happens throughout the pregnancy phase. If you are realising that the wetness is increasing down there, it is good for you. This happens because of the increasing level of the estrogen which is essential during your pregnancy. (Also Read: Symptoms And Causes Of Iron Deficiency In Pregnant Woman)

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