Major Differences Between First And Second Pregnancy

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Major Differences Between First And Second Pregnancy

During second pregnancy everything seems to be quite common. You must be quite relaxed this time because you are an experienced mother this time. Those nervous days of your first pregnancy should not bother you now. But you should always remember that every pregnancy is different. Do you know, what all you have experienced during your first pregnancy, may not appear again this time? This time, there would be some certain changes which you would be feeling and it must be unknown to you. All these weird changes lie within your habits, behaviour, style, food choices. Hence, we are here to give you a clear difference between your first pregnancy and your second pregnancy. Hope this would help you to understand your instinct and the changes you might expect this time. (Also Read: Few interesting things to know about your second pregnancy)

Your eating was less but now you are eating Leniently:
Do you remember, how you used to react to the foods you had during your first pregnancy? You are not experiencing the same this time. You are eating foods more leniently. Even your most hated foods too. May be that is why people say, “Experience matters”.

Reading fewer articles on pregnancy than previous time:
You were too much engrossed into pregnancy book and online pages, blogs and articles. But have you noticed, your reading habits have become lesser this time? You might be busy in taking care of your first baby. Other than that you still remember the knowledge you gained last time. (Also Read: Common Pregnancy Discomforts And Their Solutions)

Your fear is less than the first pregnancy:
During your first pregnancy, you were too much scared of doing anything out of your daily routine. This was natural. Every woman goes through this phase when she becomes a mother. But, you are more chilled out and with ‘Let go’ attitude. You know which food will make you bloat, which clothes will suit you etc. Because of your less fear, your mental health is better than your first pregnancy.

You are capable to handle things alone:
When you were into your first pregnancy, you used to take help of your partner or any of your family members to do anything. Even when you had to go anywhere, there was a fear which used to wrap your mind. But you are more capable now. You are driving car easily, you are going for shopping alone and doing household works more efficiently than the previous time. (Also Read: Some Common Post-Pregnancy Side Effects)

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