Is it normal to have white discharge during pregnancy

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Is it normal to have white discharge during pregnancy


Many women have to write discharge during pregnancy. If you also have this, people would say this is a very common symptom of pregnancy. But nobody will tell you how, when and how much white discharge is good for your health. If you are having this throughout your pregnancy you may be a little worried about it, right? You should be. Hence, here we are going to discuss the normality and abnormality of white discharge during pregnancy. Hope this helps! (Also Read: Tips For Fathers To Help Her During Labour)

Why Do Women Have White Discharge During Pregnancy?
White discharge is very common during your period time. This time the body discharge increases because your body produces more estrogen, and more blood flows into the pelvic area triggering the mucous membranes than the usual time. This clear-to-white discharge is made up of cervical and vaginal secretions, old cells, and vaginal bacteria. When you have a white discharge, the cervix and the vaginal walls become softer and send out the white thing to prevent the infections entering the womb via the vagina. Hence, the discharge is nothing but the protection of the growing little life inside you. (Also Read: Five Things To Avoid For Keeping Your Baby Safe During Pregnancy)

When Is White Discharge Normal During Pregnancy?
White discharge during the pregnancy is absolutely normal until and unless it is clear white, thin and milky, and has a mild smell. Almost, every pregnant woman experiences this. It can be annoying sometimes, but it’s not dangerous at all. For many women, vaginal discharge increases when pregnancy occurs. It can become thicker during the later stages of pregnancy. But you have to worry if white discharge becomes abnormal. Clearly, if the white discharge does not maintain the mentioned criteria.

When Is White Discharge abnormal During Pregnancy?
You may think that what are the ways white discharge can become abnormal and be the cause of your stress. Hence, here we are sharing some characteristics of abnormal white discharge. If you have any of these symptoms of discharging, then immediately talk to your doctor. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects And Risks Of C-Section Delivery)

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