How To Get Rid Of Itchy Belly During Pregnancy

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How To Get Rid Of Itchy Belly During Pregnancy

Itching your belly during pregnancy is a common thing. The most irritating part is, whether you are at home, office, party, checkup, your one hand always becomes busy on itching your belly. This does not look good especially when you are out with people. But this is also true that the urge of itching is uncontrollable for a pregnant woman. This does not need too much attention as it is not a serious problem. But it is true that if do not control the itching, It can scratch your baby bump which may lead to infections. (Also Read: Common Pregnancy Discomforts And Their Solutions)

What causes itching belly during pregnancy?
Itchin belly happens because of multiples reasons. This happens because of the expansion of the belly and the uterus. This creates moisture deprivation and that is why your belly dries out. Other than that, Hormonal changes is another reason of itching belly. When you are pregnant, the estrogen levels in your body increase that is why the body reacts by itching.

Home remedies to get rid of itching belly during pregnancy:
As this is not a very serious problem, you can control or treat at home only. We have come out with some amazing remedies which are super efficient to help you. So, moms-to-be! Do not worry about this problem, just treat it at home. Here we go with the solution:

Taking Oatmeal bath:
Oatmeals help to soothe the skin and remove all the skin irritations. You can add some amount of oatmeal into warm water and can take bath gently. This can become a smooth scrub to your body. Other than that, you can tie nylon knee high socks filled with steel cut oatmeal in the face of the tap. When you use the warm tap water that has run through those socks, it will provide relief and help you relax. (Also Read: Few interesting things to know about your second pregnancy)

Use Aloe vera gel:
Always use some amount of home made or market-based aloe-vera gel to your belly after taking a shower. This would work life a magic on the inflamed and allergenic area of your belly. Moreover, ale-vera gel will help your belly to stay hydrated and cool. Hence, your belly skin will be protected and free from itching and damage.

Use Coconut oil:
The coconut oil is like a medicine in pregnancy problems. Not only this, it is the most useful remedy in any kinds of skin problems. Hence, use a small amount of coconut oil on your belly. massage it gently and feel the smoothness all day long. It will help you to get rid of dryness and itchiness efficiently. (Also Read: Some Common Post-Pregnancy Side Effects)

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