How to get relief from the pain during labour?

How to get relief from the pain during labour

The pain during childbirth is common but a lot of women get worried about it. Though pain tolerance power varies from one woman to another, that is why some may be able to handle the contractions better than others. There are also few women who opt for medication that numbs the pain before they get into labour.

Research have proved, this kind of medication is completely safe for the newborn child and for the mother as well.

Though, there are several options for pain management, depending on your preference as well as the condition at the time of childbirth.

Local anaesthesia:
At times, the delivery may be a bit complicated and doctors may need to perform an episiotomy (make a surgical tear at the vaginal opening to prevent tissue damage during delivery). For this, a local anaesthetic is administered which does not affect the baby at all, just helps the mother to cope with the pain.

Regional anaesthesia:
An anesthesiologist suggests regional anaesthesia during labour to numb the pain. Epidural or spinal modes of administration are most common with this method. Epidural is administered into the spinal column directly. Spinal anaesthesia, on the other hand, involves injecting medication into the dura, which is the outermost membrane surrounding the spinal chord. The anaesthesia works faster to numb the pain but there is a chance of headaches or low blood pressure. A combination of these two types of anaesthesia are common, but it depends on the health of the mother. The medication is administered when the mother is sitting or is lying down on her side.

General anaesthesia:
General anaesthesia pushes the mother to sleep completely and doctors suggest this only in case of emergencies during delivery and it is completely safe.

There are many doubts regarding regional anaesthesia since it is an invasive method. Spinal and epidural anaesthesia have been the subject of a lot of research. Results conclude that the medications in these procedures are extremely safe for the baby without any kind of side-effects.

So it is best to discuss the pain management procedure with the obstetrician before the due date. The anesthesiologist may offer you a combination of drugs used as regional anaesthetics so that you only feel the pressure. When the contractions start, it allows you to push the baby successfully without going through a lot of pain.

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