Few interesting things to know about your second pregnancy

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Few interesting things to know about your second pregnancy

After your first pregnancy, you come across few noticeable changes. Every pregnancy is unique in terms of body changes, symptoms, and experiences. Though many symptoms remain the same. You would figure out the difference gradually after crossing few months. You might experience some of the symptoms a few months earlier or a few months later. If you are planning for your second pregnancy, you should understand a few difference this time.

Let us discuss those noticeable differences you might experience after your first pregnancy.

You feel baby movement earlier:
Only a mother can understand the movement of the baby inside her womb. And during your first pregnancy, you might have felt those flutters as gas. But this time you would clearly understand your baby is moving. You are more bodily aware and active.

You have already endured the great strains of pregnancy earlier. The high level of Progesterone has tired your body earlier. The effect of progesterone happened after a month of conception earlier. This time you might feel fatigue just after a week of conception.

The baby bump:
Your pregnancy bump would come out earlier this time. During your 1st pregnancy, your abdominal area was stretched out broadly. That is why your baby bump would not stress you much to pooch out this time. But the size of the bump would not be larger than the other time.

You would experience cramping and spotting with the usual period during your second pregnancy. This happens six to 12 days prior the fertilisation. When the embryo gets attached to the wall of the uterus, the fertilisation happens during that time of period only.

You are prone to gain weight:
While it is not unusual for a woman to not have any noticeable symptoms in the first pregnancy. Earlier weight gain is one of the symptoms of a second pregnancy. The thickening during second pregnancy is very common. This is because the body muscles of the woman have already been stretched before and so, this time they stretch quite easily.

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