Early Signs of Pregnancy: What are the symptoms of pregnancy

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Early Symptoms of Pregnancy: Check if you are pregnant or not

Signs of pregnancy: Vomiting and nausea are some of the early signs of pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy: When it is your first pregnancy, there is a lot of confusion between the early signs of pregnancy. A lot of assumed thoughts adds on to the dilemma. When you are trying to get pregnant you often think about pregnancy. Even a slight fatigue makes you feel as if you are pregnant. So, here are some tips to find out the early symptoms of pregnancy.  If you are in doubt about the pregnancy, read these signs in your body carefully. (Also read: Symptoms Of Getting Pregnant Just After Conception)

Early symptoms of pregnancy that show you are pregnant

  • Missed Period
  • Sick Feeling
  • The ‘Always Loo Feeling’
  • Extreme Tiredness
  • Change in Food Temptations
  • Swollen Breasts

Missed Period
If you have a regular period cycle but suddenly you skip from your regular dates then it can be a sign that you are pregnant. Generally, two-three days skipping of days in your period cycle is natural. However, if it exceeds the said number of days then you must take an action for the pregnancy test.

Sick Feeling

early symptoms of pregnancy
Morning sickness is one of the main sign of early pregnancy

In case you are facing the prolonged feeling of sickness, especially during the morning. Problems like dizziness, nausea or weakness then it can be one of the early signs of your pregnancy. Sick feeling will not necessarily trigger in the morning. Therefore, it can also be during afternoon or evening but the morning time will be more filled with laziness comparatively to a routine. Click here to know how to get rid of morning sickness.

The ‘Always Loo Feeling’
The frequent going to the loo is also one among the early signs of pregnancy. If your visit to the washroom has increased more than the normal then check out for a pregnancy test or consult the doctor.

Extreme Tiredness

early symptoms of pregnancy
Frequent vomiting and feeling tired are some of the early signs of pregnancy

If you get tired very often without much physical exertion and if the same is knitted with other symptoms too then yes, there are chances that you are pregnant. Your days turn more tiring even if you are not exerting much. This is because you are creating a placenta within you.

Change in Food Temptations
There may be strange new liking towards food. Maybe you get strongly resistant to your favourite dish but it’s quite normal when you are expecting a baby. Your taste buds will experience a slight drift in tastes. You may crave for any item which is not even in your favourites.

Swollen Breasts
Swelling of breasts and facing sensitivity is also an early pregnancy sign. Slight pain in breast and also in the armpit area is another symptom. (Also read: Some Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms Which Are Actually Good For You)

So, if these symptoms are on your list then you must go for the pregnancy test. As these are some common symptoms in early pregnancy which generally women experience. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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