Common Pregnancy Discomforts And Their Solutions

Common Pregnancy Discomforts And Their Solutions

It would be your biggest happiness if you get to know that you are pregnant. The joy and happiness will be having no boundaries. But, besides that, the hormonal and other changes in your body may cause a variety of discomforts too. Pregnancy is not easy. You have to deal with all the complications and issues like all mothers in this world.

From morning sickness to false labour everything is waiting if you are stepping into your pregnancy phase. These problems are not dangerous but they may need some attention.
Let us know about those discomforts and the cope with tricks during your pregnancy days.

Nausea and Vomiting:
Nausea and vomiting are very common discomforts during pregnancy. These are the part of morning sickness as well. It is common during the first trimester and usually goes away by the fourth month of pregnancy. The exact reason of morning sickness during pregnancy is unknown. Still, people believe that the increased oestrogen levels increase the levels of human chorionic gonadotrophin which creates gastric problems. That is why Nausea and vomiting are the part of pregnancy discomforts.

Eat smaller meals for an entire day and do not skip any meals.
Drinking ginger tea can help preventing nausea.
Smelling lemons or ginger can help you calm the stomach.
Avoid foods if their taste, smell or appearance makes you feel sick.

Pressurised bladder:
Frequent urination and pressurised bladder are the most common bladder problems during pregnancy. When you are almost near the end of pregnancy, you may feel the need to urinate frequently. Although, this happens because of the pressure created by baby towards the abdomen area. Also, you may have difficulty emptying your bladder completely when urinating.

To dilute your urine drink plenty of water. Do not drink a lot of fluids in the early evening and before bedtime. Go to the bathroom when you feel the need. When you urinate, lean forward to make the bladder empty more.

Swelling in hands and feet:
Swelling in ankles, feet and hands is another symptom during pregnancy. The production of blood and fluid in the body to support the baby can cause the swelling. This is not a serious problem. But you can go for few quick remedies.

Avoid standing or sitting for a long time. Mild exercises like walking can help you. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid any footwear with tight gripping.

Cramps are very common during pregnancy. These cramps, especially in the calves, occur repeatedly at night.

The painful cramps may be caused by increased body weight or compression of the blood vessels. It also may be due to low calcium and magnesium levels during pregnancy.


Stretch your calf muscles before you go to bed. Gentle exercise that involves ankle and leg movements. When having a cramp, try to keep your leg straight and pull your toes back toward your knee. You can go for warm oil massage on the cramped area. Put pillows under your legs while sleeping.

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