Why Pregnant Women Should Not Take Hot Water Bath

Why Pregnant Women Should Not Take Hot Water Bath

The phase of pregnancy is extremely joyful. You feel pampered and make your child feel comfortable inside. You take all the necessary measures and precautions to make a healthy delivery. There are certain medications, fitness regimes and diet prescribed which is mandated for you to follow. Further, there are some limitations set to your bath style even especially when you like to take hot water bath. Taking a cold shower is fine, however, if you are a person who urges for a hot shower, then this is not the right time. A pregnant woman should avoid taking hot water bath as the same may cause many pregnancy complications. Therefore, find below that why pregnant women should not take a hot water bath.

It Increases The Chance Of Birth Defect:

A hot water bath may cause you hyperthermia which is dangerous for your developing child. Bathing with hot water can cause birth defects, especially in the first trimester. Your baby is extremely delicate at this stage and its brain and spinal cord are at a risk to get damaged. with a hot water bath.

It Raises Your Body Temperature:

The hot water bath increases your body temperature. When your body temperature rises than normal, it poses various health risks to you and your child.

Hot Bath Lowers Your Blood Pressure:

You experience a drop in your blood pressure if you take a hot water bath. Low blood pressure during pregnancy affects the blood flow to the child and also make the child deprive of the free flow of oxygen and nutrients.

It May Cause You Weakness:

With higher body temperature and low blood pressure after taking a hot water bath, you may feel weak, nausea and dizzy.

Therefore, to have a healthy pregnancy phase and safe delivery, you must avoid taking hot water bath. Check the temperature of the water before taking bath if you can’t bath with cold water. A lukewarm water would work in this case. However, you may consult with your doctor.

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