What is pelvic floor therapy and its importance post pregnancy

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What is pelvic floor therapy and its importance post pregnancy

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Childbirth is a very crucial time a woman’s life. However, the part that comes after it is of equal importance. After childbirth(natural or c section) the pelvic area’s muscles and tissues are the most affected. It often leads to pain and discomfort in the area. For this problem, the best possible solution is Pelvic Floor therapy.It is a therapy method to deal with pelvic pain, urinary problems and bowel problems. Other problems include pain in pelvic area, pain while sitting or standing up. All these problems occur when the pelvic muscles are too tight or too weak.The pelvic floor therapy helps to rehabilitate the muscles and restore them to their original form. [Also read: How to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery]

How Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Help
Pelvic floor therapy addresses all the pelvic related problems. This therapy method uses a blend of manual and hands-on treatment. It also includes neuromuscular rehabilitation and postural repositioning. All these methods help to heal the symptoms. As a result of this therapy, the bladder’s muscles restore themselves. It is important to get help from an expert. [Also read: Maintaining Fitness Through Nutrition During Pregnancy]

What happens in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Here are the things that you should expect while going for a pelvic physical therapy.

1. The therapist will take your detailed medical history. It is important to honestly answer all the question.
2. There an extensive physical examination before starting the therapy.
3. There is an evaluation of the abdominal walls diaphragm, muscles of the hip, lower back, pelvic region. All these evaluations are done to check for the tone and strength of the muscles.
4. Finally, the therapist discusses the results with the patient and make a plan of action. It differs in every individual’s case. This plan also includes a combination of exercises like stretching and breathing exercises.

However, remember that it is important to follow the advice of the therapist. As leaving the therapy midway can be harmful to the body. [Also read: Eight Important Tips to Stay Fit During Pregnancy]

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