What does the kick of the baby suggest during pregnancy

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amazing facts about baby kicks during pregnancy

Experiencing baby kicks during pregnancy is one of the greatest experience of any would-be mother. This special and happy feeling is difficult to express in right words. While beside the well-being of the baby, these kicks suggest a lot about your baby. Doctors even advice to count the number of times your baby kicks you in a day. Well, let’s read about some really interesting facts of baby kicks while you are pregnant.

Baby kicks suggest good development:
The kicking of the baby inside the womb suggests that the unborn baby is growing in a healthy manner. While you make movements, you will notice the maximum kicks of the baby. This also suggests how active your baby is. While the baby turns inside the womb, make turns, take hiccups, it often kicks to suggest activity.

Baby kicks more when you lie on the left side: It is scientifically proved that when a mother lies on the left side of her body posture, the baby kicks more than usual. When a mother lies on the left side, there is a rapid flow of blood to the foetus which improves the movement of the baby.

Environmental changes make them kick: Baby inside the womb gets acquainted with the environment they usually stay in. Any kind of change like noise, food, weather change that affects the body of the mother, affects them too. Thus, the frequency of kicking increases.

A distressed baby kicks less: After you are in your 28th week of pregnancy, your doctor might suggest you to make a note of the frequency of baby kicks. This is the most crucial time. If you feel a reduction in the number of kicks, do not delay to convey it to your doctor. Less activity of baby suggests, insufficient supply of oxygen to the fetus. Sometimes the low level of sugar also reduces baby’s activity. So be a constant observer during this time.

The rate of kicks is high after the meal: After the mother intakes food, the baby kicks more. On an average, a healthy baby kicks around 18-20 times a day.

Baby kicks reduce after 36 weeks: It is normal if the kicks of the baby are reduced during or after 36 weeks. As the baby grows larger in size, there remains less space for it to make movements. Hence, do not worry if the frequency of baby kicks reduces.

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