What Are The Side Effects And Risks Of C-Section Delivery

What Are The Side Effects And Risks Of C-Section Delivery

C-Section is a kind of delivery where the delivery of the baby happens through surgery. This delivery has greater maternal mortality risk than normal vaginal births. Not only this, there are a few future consequences too after this delivery. This delivery happens to some mothers because of their health concerns. Doctors suggest this to do because few women have health problems like diabetes, placenta complications. And the position of the baby also depends. If a woman is having these problems then there is a risk in operating vaginal birth. That is why they do opt for C-section delivery. (Also Read: Four Household Tasks To Avoid During Pregnancy)

Hence, here we are going to discuss the risks and the side effects of C-section delivery.

It’s a major surgery and risks are there:
C-section delivery is basically Cesarean births. Here the surgery happens in the lower abdominal area and takes out the baby from the cut. So, it is a major abdominal surgery. The mother has to be on the general or local anaesthesia. To numb the pain the anaesthesia incises to the abdomen. The incisions are usually 10-20 centimetre long and it injects just below the bikini line. These processes are enough to prove its risks and complications.

Maternal mortality is higher in C-section delivery:
The entire world is trying to reduce the maternal mortality rates by conducting various researches and surveys. But, shockingly it has revealed that the mortality rates in delivery are increasing depending on the operation, country and other biographic inabilities. Let us tell you clearly that, maternal mortality rates are quite less in vaginal delivery than the C section delivery. Doctors even say that the vaginal delivery is healthier and safer. (Also Read: Some Important Tips For Mothers To Ease Night Time Breastfeeding)

It takes extensive time to recover:
C-section birth clearly claims more time in the hospital to get th speedy recovery. As we all know any type of delivery needs a certain to recover. Hence, a major surgery life C-section delivery definitely take a longer time to recover the body. There are even chance and signs of pus or infections development on the surgical area. If you do not take a good care of your cut during the delivery, high bleeding and other lower abdominal related skin problems may start appearing.

The baby becomes sleepy during the anaesthesia:
While giving the anaesthesia to the mother, the baby starts feeling drowsy. The dose and the strength of the anaesthesia are very important. Depending on the situation you may choose to go for the local or general anaesthesia. But, In case of emergency C-sections, the latter is usually needed. Hence, this is how the sleepiness or drowsiness in the baby extends near about six to twelve hours after the delivery. (Also Read: What Are The Advantages Of Breastfeeding For A Mother)

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