What are the risks of being under weight during pregnancy

What are the risks of being under weight during pregnancy

Being underweight is one of the major matter of concern and is more intense if you are pregnant. There is a great risk of miscarriage when you are underweight. However, if the mother is underweight, then the baby will be underweight as well. It is important to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. An underweight pregnant woman develops the risk of more complications during pregnancy. It might lead to something serious. Thus, maintaining a healthy diet is necessary for the well being of the baby and the mother even post pregnancy. (Also read: What does the kick of the baby suggest during pregnancy)

Here are few risks associated with being underweight during pregnancy:

If the mother is underweight all through her pregnancy, her baby might be born as an underweight infant.
It even increases the risk of preterm delivery in some cases.
Besides this, there is one life-threatening risk of sudden death which is the result of postpartum haemorrhage.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy weight?
You might have noticed, that your doctor, keeps checking your weight time and again to ensure you are not on the edge of it. However maintaining the right diet and right proportion of nutrition is necessary while you are pregnant to avoid any risk of miscarriage. A pregnant women’s body requires sufficient vitamin A, B2, E, K. And she needs various minerals like iron, copper and calcium in the right proportion. If the body of the pregnant woman lacks folic acid then the baby might be born with neural tube defect. (Also read: Rules one must follow to do exercise safely during pregnancy)

However, on an average, a pregnant woman needs 600 to 800mcg of folic acid every day. According to the doctors, a woman who is underweight during the beginning of pregnancy should gain around 30 to 40 pounds of weight. However, a normal woman’s body should gain around 25 to 35 pounds of weight. If the reason of your under weight state is any serious health issue, you must talk to a doctor to take the necessary treatment for the same.  (Also read: Is it safe to travel during pregnancy)

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