What are the probable causes and treatment of migraine during pregnancy

Pregnant: Know more about migraine during pregnancy

Migraine pain is the worst condition that one can get into. During the first lot of pregnancy, i.e. the first trimester(3 months of pregnancy) headaches and migraines are commonly encountered. Migraine pain becomes worse than ever while the pregnancy period or sometimes fades away entirely. If you are well acquainted with migraine pain you can relate how severely it troubles and affects the individual body. Here are some facts and tips that would definitely help you cope up with this unbearable pain. (Also read: What are the causes of pelvic pain during pregnancy)

What are the symptoms of a migraine during pregnancy?

Due to the expansion of blood vessels in the brain, migraine a migraine starts to feel. There could be a constant pain on any side of the head which is quite unbearable. A feeling of vomiting and uneasiness are also felt by some while others feel week and find it difficult to sleep. There is a feeling of needle sensation in the head resulting in grave pain.

What causes a migraine while you are pregnant?

There are multiple factors that determine the intensity and the occurrence of a migraine while you are pregnant:

Hormonal changes: During the pregnancy stage, a lot of hormonal changes keep occurring in the body. During the early period of pregnancy, there is a rapid flow of pregnancy hormones in the body which could lead to severe migraine issues. The amount of estrogen in the body is highly responsible for sudden migraine attacks that a pregnant woman suffers from. (Also read: What are the things a pregnant woman must never do while exercising)

Blood pressure: The changes in the blood pressure lay an extreme pressure over the blood vessels resulting in a migraine and severe headaches. The pace of blood flow is high even in the quantitative form as well thus results in making the situation even worse.

Dehydration: A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of changes during her first three months of pregnancy. The continuous nausea feeling leads vomiting and dehydration which ultimately makes their body prone to headaches and migraine attack. While their body takes the time to digest and adopt the pregnant state, they usually suffer hunger which ultimately makes them a victim of a migraine or headaches.

Sleep deprivation: Due to a lot of uneasiness during your pregnancy days. Women find it hard to have a sound sleep. The deprivation of sleep often leads to a migraine and chronic headache.

How to treat a migraine while you are pregnant?

The best way to treat your migraine is to seek medical attention but if you don’t want to see a doctor and adopt some home remedies to deal out with the pain, then we can help you resolve the same.

Take a nap and rest well:

It is necessary that while you face migraine attack you should take a quick nap and give proper rest to your body. While you take rest, there are fewer chances that your body will collapse of the pain. It is the most effective ways by which you can get immediate relief.

Cold Compress:

It is the easiest way of getting sudden relief from a migraine. Cold compress your head and neck to minimize the pain that you are going through.

Keep your body hydrated:

Staying hydrated is the most important thing for an individual body. A pregnant woman should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day to keep her body hydrated and fit.

Taking a shower:

Though very cliche but bathing and taking shower daily is recommended to keep the body and mind healthy.

A balanced diet:

A complete balanced diet is very necessary for the body. Consult a dietitian and plan your diet accordingly. Don’t remain hungry for a longer period of time. Eat healthily and in proportions to provide adequate energy to the body.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a good option to stay healthy. A relaxed mind is free from all the stress and worries. Go out for a walk, join Yoga, start practising some exercises recommended for pregnant ladies. Practice breathing and relaxation exercises to calm your mind and muscles.

Acupuncture and massage:

Acupuncture is a treatment using needles. In this, the needles are inserted to accelerate the positive flow of energy to the infected areas. During the pregnancy period, it should be done only with the medical attention and after consulting your doctor. (Also read: What are the various health issues that may harm your baby while you are pregnant)

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