What are the precautions one should take after delivery

What are the precautions one should take after delivery

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Being a mother must have been a wonderful feeling. It must be a very relaxed feeling for you post delivery. But still, you have to be extra cautious in terms of your health and mental peace. Delivery is not an easy task, it gives you a lot of pressure physically and mentally too. The body of the mother during and after pregnancy change a lot. And usually, a mother’s body takes a lot of time to come back to its normal posture. This is the postpartum period of a mother, which needs to be handled with utmost care. Besides taking good care of your little baby, you need to extra careful for yourself too. A well-nourished diet, proper rest and support of the family are the must-haves for the mother. (Also read: Important Facts Of Breast Feeding Which You Should Know)

What are the changes that take place in the body after delivery?
Newborn babies take a lot of time to adjust to the schedule of their parents and so goes with the parents themselves. If it is the first baby, then it is quite labouring to remain awake all night for the comfort of the newborn baby. This makes the mother really tired and exhausted at the same time. We must not forget the fact that the body of the mother also needs extra rest after the delivery of the baby. The problem of constipation, blood clots, sore breasts, urinary infections and inconsistency, etc. are mostly the common issues faced by the female body after delivery. On the other hand, a mother also undergoes a lot of emotional turmoil, restlessness, mood swings, irritation after the delivery.

What are the precautions a mother should take right after the delivery?

  1. Make sure you are taking your 8 hours sleep every day. Try to relax, keep aside all your hectic work schedule and for once pay attention to your own well-being.
  2. Try to sleep when the baby has fallen asleep. You will get proper rest during that time. (Also read: Tips To Feel Better Instantly During Post-Pregnancy Phase)
  3. Start going for walks. Even if your body is not prepared for exercise, walking brings no harm. It, in fact, makes you fit and healthy.
  4. If you want to take up exercise, consult your healthcare provider first and start with the light exercises only.
  5. Try to fix a pattern for baby breastfeeding. The baby will also gradually become used to the time, he/she will be fed.
  6. Nutrition is the most important thing, that a mother’s body demand during this time.
  7. Make sure you eat well and a well-nourished diet after your delivery.
  8. Eat dairy products, proteins, fruits, green leafy vegetables etc.
  9. Do not worry about the weight gain. It’s quite natural, you will gain weight once, but gradually everything will shed off, once you will be back to normal routine.
  10. However, try to seek help for finishing up your tasks.
  11. Ask your partner to help you out in household chores or maybe appoint a maid.
  12. Avoid doing stressful tasks and cleaning of the house all alone yourself.
  13. Do not ask your body to work too much right after the delivery. (Also read: How to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery)
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