What are the leading causes of miscarriage during pregnancy

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What are the leading causes of miscarriage during pregnancy

‘Miscarriage’ is one of the most devastating phases that breaks both the expecting mother and her entire family. It’s very heartbreaking to know that the little one you have been carrying is no more. It brings a lot of emotional turmoil and makes it difficult for the mother to come out of it. Therefore, one should be extra cautious during the early 3 months of pregnancy. The chances of marriage are maximum in these early 3 months. Let’s read in detail about the leading causes of miscarriage. (Also read: What are the various types of miscarriages one must know)

What are the causes of miscarriage?
Abnormality of Chromosomes: Sometimes, there remains a problem in the sperms or the eggs during the formation of the embryo. As a result, it leads to some chromosomal abnormality. Some of the abnormalities are compatible and one can easily carry a life inside the womb, while others do not. Thus, it leads to miscarriage in most of the cases.

An extreme case of diabetes: If you are a diabetic patient you need to be extra cautious. The high level of sugar in your blood could prove harmful to the life growing inside the womb. One should undergo blood sugar level test on a daily basis to be alert about the same.

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Thyroid disorder: Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism both are extremely dangerous for expecting mother. It leads to the problem of infertility or maybe cause miscarriage if you conceive eventually. In many cases when the level of the thyroid is low, female body still has a chance to produce the hormones that could help to conceive. But when the level of thyroid hormones are too active and high, it does not let estrogen function properly, thus leads to infertility.

Weak cervix: Sometimes the cervix of the female body is too weak to carry a baby. Thus, it leads to miscarriage or complete infertility.

Poor lifestyle: Your way of living is also responsible for miscarriage. If an expecting mother drinks alcohol, smokes and takes drugs, this will eventually lead to miscarriage. Thus, it is always advisable to live a healthy lifestyle and give up on all the intoxications.

Spotting and blood clotting: Many expecting mothers often undergo spotting or release of blood clots every now and then. Sometimes it is normal but excess of it on frequent basis needs attention and could be the cause of miscarriage. (Also read: What are the things a pregnant woman must never do while exercising)

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