What Are The Important Factors About Work Out During Pregnancy

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What Are The Important Factors About Working Out During Pregnancy

Hello Mom-to-be!  We hope you are doing those necessary things which make you and your baby healthy. We all know that working out during pregnancy is important. It can be yoga, stretches, gyming or pregnancy aerobics. You can choose any one of these. With the proper guidance of your doctor and fitness trainer, you have to perform these workouts. But let us tell you, there are many factors you should be aware of besides scheduling your days with various types of exercises. Hence, we have come up with important tips which will make you aware of some facts about pregnancy workouts. Have a look!(Also Read: Breathing exercise every pregnant woman should practise)

Keep yourself well hydrated:
While going for your pregnancy workout, you should not forget to stay well hydrated. Hydration is especially important once there is a baby on board. The more you work out, your body loses water and becomes dehydrated. If you are dehydrated during pregnancy, it may lead increase your body temperature which is not good for the baby. So, during workouts, you have to drink 1 cup of water before, 1 cup after, and 1 cup every 20 minutes throughout the duration of your exercise regime.

What Are The Important Factors About Working Out During PregnancyDo not do excessive workouts:
You may be a fitness freak but this is not the time to lose weight and engross yourself to the workouts. A pregnant woman should go for exercise just to maintain a good health and to prevent herself from the sprains and muscle pains. It is about making your arms and limbs flexible, not more than this. But if you start doing hardcore exercises this will harm you and your baby. If you are a beginner you should do a 5 or 10 minutes of exercises per day and then slowly increase it up to half an hour. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Should Stop Working During Pregnancy)

Do not lie flat on your back:
If you are in the middle phase of your pregnancy which is near about 15-20 weeks, you should not lie on your back. This may pressurise a major vein called the inferior vena cava. If it happens, this vain can reduce blood flow to your heart and uterus. Eventually, it causes dizziness and nervousness.

Safety is on you:
The workout is important during pregnancy but it does not mean that you will choose any form of workouts. You can not opt for skipping, horseback riding, and gymnastics etc. During pregnancy the hormone relaxing is important. So, the light form of workouts is the best for your body. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Climb Stairs During Pregnancy)

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