What are the foods one should avoid while breastfeeding the baby

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What are the foods one should avoid while breastfeeding the baby

For all those women who breastfeed their baby, you must be extra careful about what you eat and drink. All these eating habits affect the health of the newborn baby. Thus, nursing mothers should pay extra attention to what they are consuming. A baby gets all the essential nutrients required by the body of the baby through mother’s breast milk. Thus, a nursing mother must ensure that she is not consuming anything which is unhealthy and toxic for the baby. Like you have been eating healthy in your last 9 months of pregnancy, this time is crucial too. It impacts the overall health and development of the baby. Thus, in order to ensure proper health of the baby, a mother should try to avoid eating these foods while breastfeeding. (Also read: How does lemon water help you while breastfeeding)

What are the foods one should avoid while breastfeeding the baby?

Caffeine: Excess of everything is bad. Coffee contains caffeine in a high quantity, thus it kills the nutrients present in the breast milk. Besides this, a body of a newborn baby can’t digest or process caffeine in such higher amount this easily. It even decreases the amount of haemoglobin in the body of the baby and causes rashes and itching in their body. Thus, a breastfeeding mother should avoid consumption of coffee.

Chocolate: Chocolate too contains caffeine. Though a moderate amount of chocolate is good for health, but it might not be good for the baby. If a newborn baby undergoes loose motion when you consume chocolate, then you must avoid it. Besides this, it is also believed that it causes a laxative effect on the baby. It might also disturb the baby’s sleep. Thus it is advisable to avoid it as much as you can. (Also read: How to reduce weight during pregnancy safely and in a healthy manner)

Citrus fruit: Though citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, yet they contain acidic components. It may harm the digestive system of the baby. It may cause irritation in the stomach of the baby. Besides this, the gastrointestinal tract of the baby is quite immature and takes time to digest food. Any interference with the normal functioning may harm the baby.

Spicy and oily food: Excess of oily and spicy food cause trouble in the digestive system of the baby. It even interferes and causes acidity in the stomach of the baby. Besides causing inflammation, it even causes skin allergy in the baby. Thus, one should try to eat normal and less oily food to keep the baby away from stomach issues! (Also read: What are the important tips for the first time pregnancy)

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