What Are The Different Kinds Of Food Cravings Happen During Pregnancy

What Are The Kinds Of Food Cravings During Pregnancy

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Food cravings are the sudden urge of eating or drinking something instantly. Our mind gets deviated towards the food of which our taste buds commands. Remember! That it is hard to resist the food craving. You can get extreme urge to eat something juicy, salty, sour or a mix of sweet and spice. Generally, the food cravings occur when our body doesn’t get enough nutrients and that is why the craving initiates especially during pregnancy. Therefore, find below the list of food items for which the stomach craves most of the time during pregnancy.

Mouthful Of Sweet Foods:

Even if you are not a sweet lover, still you may have the urge to eat pastries, cakes, muffins and most importantly chocolate. The chocolate is the most craved food during pregnancy. You may crave for sweet foods due to lower sugar level during pregnancy.

Salty Foods:

The crave for salty food arises when there is a deficiency of Sodium level in your body. You may urge for some hot spicy and salty foods which you may not have liked before but still, you crave for the same. The increase in the blood volume during pregnancy may also be the reason to demand salty food.

Weird Combo Foods:

There occur some weird food cravings too when you are pregnant. For example, you may feel like eating noodles with broccoli or chicken with apple juice. You may also stick to one particular menu for a couple of days.

Crunchy Munchy Foods:

There are times when you just crave for munching foods. Generally, this sign indicates that you are under stress however, it is not true always. Thus, at this time you feel like eating chips, crackers, puffs or wafers to calm your urge.

Sour Foods:

Craving for citric foods i.e., sour foods means that you need foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin D. The craving for citric foods may be due to low stomach acids hence, you desire to eat foods like pickles, lemon juice, vinegar or lime punch.

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