What Are The Common Breastfeeding Problems

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What Are The Common Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding your baby is the most wonderful feeling in the world. However, the new mother may face many difficulties in breastfeeding their child. There are many hacks which you need to follow while breastfeeding your child. It is undoubtedly a natural process, but the way to breastfeed the child is a lot more important. Mothers undergo various difficulties while breastfeeding their child hence, below mentioned are some common breastfeeding problems which the mother undergoes while lactation:

Clogged Ducts:

The clogged duct is a common problem faced by the mothers while they breastfeed their child. A lump may form around any area leading from milk producing gland in the breast which causes blockage of milk building clogged ducts. Therefore, to avoid the situation, compress the breast before breastfeeding your child.

Cracked And Sore Nipples:

Improper latch leads to cracked or sore nipples. The baby who just puts pressure on the nipples to suck milk gives rise to this problem. Hence, make it a point to breastfeeding the child under proper guidance and by following the hacks. The breast soreness remains for long, but if you discontinue feeding due to it, the soreness will rise.

Low Milk Supply:

The problem of low milk supply arises when the baby is unable to get the feed properly. The low milk supply may be due to the absence or less amount of nutrients in your body for lactation which results in low production of milk. Hence, you may consult the doctor and he/she may ask you to include barley, oatmeal or almonds in your diet so that the milk production can increase.

High Milk Supply:

The high milk supply is the condition when there is enough milk produced for lactation and it overflows. You cannot measure the quantity of milk but yes, your breasts are painfully overloaded with milk. Before breastfeeding, you can pump out a little quantity of milk or make a point to empty breasts in intervals by squeezing out the milk.

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