What Are The Causes Of Premature Birth

What Are The Causes Of Premature Birth

Premature birth is a very common problem these days. This means the baby comes out before the actual time i.e. minimum 9 months for pregnancy. This condition generally comes when the early uterine contractions or the chances of having twins (or more) appear. Also, having a family background of premature births, the risk increases too. Moreover, premature births happen to the teenagers, over 40, chronic stress patients, alcoholics and smokers cigarettes. But above of all there are few major reasons present. Hence, we are going to discuss those causes of premature births. Let us have a look:
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Pregnancy disorders:
Pregnancy related disorders are most likely to bring other birth related disorders too. Preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, uterine and cervical disabilities are very common during pregnancy. These problems are all related to physical disabilities which hinder the promotion of baby fitness and a healthy womb. From your blood pressure level to a good uterus, everything promotes pregnancy well. But if somebody having body fitness and blood circulation related problems, like these, then there is a chance to have a premature birth.

What Are The Causes Of Premature BirthA bad history of pregnancy:
If your previous pregnancies have had bad experiences such as miscarriage and abortion, then there are some certain chances exist which may turn to premature birth. If someone is having a miscarriage experience by the external forces, then there are fewer chances of premature birth. These external forces can be, falling down, having a hit on the baby bump etc. But if the miscarriage took place by the blood circulation problems or body inabilities, then you may again face complication on your delivery. The same goes with abortion experiences. (Also Read: Tips To Take Care Of A Premature Baby Or A Preemie)

Having multiple babies in a single time:
Expecting twins, triplets are exciting but these all are can be the reason of the premature birth. A normal baby comes out usually in the 39th week. But if you are expecting triplets then your babies will stay at your womb near 32 and quadruplets last for 30. The worst part is, The pregnancy length will decrease with each additional baby. If you’re pregnant with multiple babies, you will have to go for more frequent prenatal visits. Your doctors will guide you through all the steps. (Also Read: How To Protect Your Newborn From Cold And Flu)

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