What are the best stretching exercises for pregnant women

What are the best stretching exercises for pregnancy

Stretching exercises are the best exercises to stay healthy and fit. It helps to tone up the body into a perfect shape. During pregnancy, stretching is really helpful as it is a light form of exercise and also do not require any type of equipment. Pregnancy brings along a lot of discomfort and uneasiness along with it. Usually, the muscles that get affected during pregnancy are the calf and chest muscles, hip muscles, lower back muscles. Pregnancy also causes a lot of changes in the body, post delivery. However, the best solution to get rid of the discomforts and gain good physique during pregnancy is stretching. Doing a good stretching exercise for 10-15 minutes during initial days would be beneficial. You can gradually increase the frequency of the time. (Also read: Is It Safe To Climb Stairs During Pregnancy)

Here are some of the best stretching exercises for pregnant woman:
Make sure you take proper precautions and do these exercises by consulting your healthcare provider. Do not overstrain yourself. Start by doing light stretching exercise for 10 seconds each and then gradually take up heavy ones if your body allows.

Backstretch: Place a pole right in front of you. Put your hands on the pole at the level of chest height. Spread and extend your arms. Let the palms face each other. Your feet must be wide open at least hip-width apart. Relax your knees completely and start bending them slowly. Put your chin down into the chest area and make your spine stretch outside. Look upward and tilt your tailbone. Keep breathing. Now pull your belly inwards and move it away from the pole. Hold this position. Now exhale, round your spine and turn your legs straight again back to normal. It helps to relieve tension from the back area and the neck. (Also read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Should Stop Working During Pregnancy)

Calf stretch: Stretch your calves and face the wall. Put your toes forward in a pointed position. There should a distance of 2 feet between the right foot and the wall. Your left foot should be almost close to the wall. Put forward your arms and shoulders, making them shoulder-width apart from each other. Now move your left knee forward and also press your hips. You will feel a constant stretch in your right calf, but keep your heel on the floor, Keep holding the position. Now do it with the another leg. It helps to provide relief in the legs and cramps.

Side stretch stand: Cross your right foot over the left. Your legs and knees should be straight. Now place your right hand on the pole which is at shoulder height apart. Your elbow should be bend, now left hand should be on the pole right above your head. Your left arm should be straight and your shoulders should be relaxed. Now, contract your abdominals and pull your body right away from the pole.

You will notice your left side is stretched. Then bend your knees when you can’t pull your arms any further. Your abdominals should be contracted and head should be in alignment with the spine. Now straighten your legs and release the position. Now change the position and do it from the other side. This exercise helps you to bring a good stretch to the back, shoulder, hip rotators. It helps to provide relief in sciatica pain. (Also read: How much water should a pregnant lady drink)

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