What are the various types of miscarriages one must know

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What are the various types of miscarriages one must know

The term miscarriage is enough to wipe off the glow of motherhood from the face of any expecting mother. The term miscarriage means when your fetus dies before reaching the 20th week of the pregnancy. The miscarriage is known as the spontaneous abortion in medical terms. It usually happens in early stages of pregnancy. This experience can be extremely scary and emotionally draining for any woman. The miscarriages are of many types. Therefore, it is important to not think of miscarriage as a single term, but a broader term with many branches. Let’s find out the types of miscarriages that happen. (Also read: What is pelvic floor therapy and its importance post pregnancy)

Threatened miscarriage
As the name suggests it is a case of possible miscarriage, you might have a normal pregnancy or you might actually lose the baby. In this case, the cervix is closed, but there are vaginal bleeding and cramps. There is nothing you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy during it.

Inevitable miscarriage
The inevitable itself signifies that your miscarriage is unpreventable. It leads to bleeding and your cervix opens. This is the aftermath of the threatened miscarriage or sometimes it is just sudden. (Also read: What are the various health issues that may harm your baby while you are pregnant)

Incomplete miscarriage
In this miscarriage, you lose the fetus but some tissues remain stuck in the womb itself. This marriage needs doctor’s help to clear out the remaining tissues.

Complete miscarriage
During the complete miscarriage, the woman’s womb has no leftover tissues. Therefore, it is not problematic for the woman.

Missed miscarriage
You will not notice anything unusual in this kind of miscarriage, as there are no visible signs of losing the baby. It leads to a brownish discharge, most of the women actually feel stunned when they experience it as it doesn’t show in any form.

Recurrent miscarriage
Many women, unfortunately, have a series of miscarriages. This is often due to some kind of medical problems and issues with the mother’s body. It is important to seek doctor’s advice and opinion about the same. (Also read: What are the signs that the baby has stopped growing inside the womb)

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