Tips to combat sleepless night during pregnancy

Tips to combat sleepless night during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a state where the body of a woman undergoes extensive changes. Sleep is one thing that gets most affected while one is pregnant. Lack of sleep, inefficiency to have a sound sleep, not finding a right posture and so on. There might be an ongoing excitement about the baby, the sudden mood swings, the nervousness of labour pains, worrying about the physical body changes might be some handpicked reasons of not having a sound sleep during pregnancy.

Listed below are some of the measures you can undertake to combat the sleepless night during pregnancy:

Take care of your diet: It is advisable to not sleep immediately after you are done with your dinner. Keep a gap of at least an hour before you take your final meal and go to bed. Also, reduce the consumption of liquids just before you go to bed, it will create an urge of urinating again and again which will hinder your sound sleep.

Avoid spicy and heavy dinner at night. During pregnancy, lot many changes happen inside the body which results in slowing down the process of digestion too.

Eat in small parts: Don’t be a hungry cat and gulp food fastly at one go. Break your meals into parts may be 5-6. Eat in small proportions to avoid heaviness and uneasiness caused by eating especially at night.

Stay away from caffeine: Caffeine is not a healthy option while you have already conceived a child. Stick to drink healthy drink to ensure good health of your baby and your own self.

Do physical exercise: It is very necessary that you should practice physical exercise even when you are pregnant. It is healthy for both mother and the baby. Follow a good fitness regime under the guidance of a proper instructor or doctor. Do some leg exercise to avoid the cramps. Don’t be too harsh with your body and don’t practice it right before you go to bed, it may work the other way round.

Don’t be stressed out: Think of good things before you go to bed. Avoid stressing out and keep your mood light and happy. Do the things you enjoy and relaxes you at the same time. IT could either be practising Yoga, reading your favourite book or listening to music. Stay calm and composed forgetting about the things that trouble you.

Set a sleep routine: It is advisable that you try to lay down in bed to fall asleep daily at almost the same time. It will fix your pattern and will let you feel sleepy and tired at that point of time. It’s a good way to set your routine of sleeping.

Create a healthy sleeping environment: It is advisable to set the right temperature of the room and lay a comfortable mattress to ensure you have a sound sleep. Be in comfortable attire to make sure you don’t feel jammed up in your own clothes, wear nice and soft comfortable cloths to have a good sleep.

Finding a right position: This is the most random thing to look out for. There must be days when you feel like sleeping on your left side or sometimes might be on the right. This solely depends upon the position to feel comfortable in while you lie down in bed.
It is advisable to sleep on your left side because this position of sleeping regulates your blood pressure. Keep a comfortable pillow by your side to make sure you are safe.

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