Five Things To Avoid For Keeping Your Baby Safe During Pregnancy

Five Things To Avoid For Keeping Your Baby Safe During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should remember that this time is very crucial for you and for the little one as well. From your eating habits to your walking gestures, everything should be perfect so that you both stay healthy. Your previous life habits should be changed this time. Want to know what are the things you should avoid? Here we are going to discuss the same. We will tell you what are the things you should avoid to make the baby safe inside your womb. (Also Read: Four Household Tasks To Avoid During Pregnancy)

Eating raw animal foods:
You may love sea foods a lot. But now you should be a bit conscious while eating anything. You may not know that the rare meat, raw oysters, sushi, raw cookies and cake may contain bacteria. Not only this, these types of foods are prone to attract virus and parasites easily. You should always try those foods which are cooked nicely and fully.

Drinking alcohol:
Alcohol is something very much poisonous for your baby’s health during pregnancy. You can not even think about drinking alcohols this time. Beer, wine, whiskey anything contain spirits, which is the barrier in the developing cells of oxygen and nutrients, preventing healthy fetal development. Moreover, alcohol affects the baby’s skin. Drinking this during pregnancy can be life threatening for the unborn baby.

Smoking is as dangerous as drink alcohol during pregnancy. It puts your baby’s health at a certain point of risk level which eventually triggers your delivery complications. We emphasise you not to smoke at your pregnancy days. Otherwise, there will be chances of birth defect, complications and physically disable baby. (Also Read: What Are The Causes Of Premature Birth)

Hair dyes:
Yes! You should avoid dying your hair during these special days of your life. These dyes contain some harmful chemicals which are efficient to hamper the growth of the developing fetus. If you are dying your entire hair, that can be harmful to you because many of the hair colours contain ammonia. This acidic smell of the ammonia directly hits your lungs which are not good for both of you the breathing processes.

Taking Sauna bath:
Sauna bathing is quite relaxing. You may feel provoked to go for it because of the relaxation. But you may not know that this raises your body temperature. The temperature of the baby raises over 102 F which equally increases the risk of certain brain and spine defects in the developing fetus. (Also Read: Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy)

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