What are the things a pregnant woman must never do while exercising

What are the things a pregnant woman must never do while exercising

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial time in the life of a woman. One has to be extra conscious while doing day to day activities. However, besides that, if you are following a fitness regime and doing certain kind of exercises, you ought to remain extra careful. Though doing exercise is extremely beneficial for the body in every aspect, but during pregnancy, a woman has to be extra careful. A slight mistake might lead in paying a heavy price. There are certain do’s and don’ts while you are exercising being pregnant. Staying fit during pregnancy is as important as otherwise. Overweight and lack of physical work might lead to difficulty in delivery and can cause complications, hence exercise is important. (Also read: What are the various health issues that may harm your baby while you are pregnant)

What are the things a pregnant woman must never do while exercising?

First and the foremost thing while exercising during pregnancy is, never overdo. Do not overstrain yourself and end up being in trouble. Start with the little and gradually increase your dosage of day to day exercise. Do not push yourself to the extreme and harm yourself. You need to be extra careful and alert while you are exercising. It’s not just about you anymore, you have your baby too.

While you are exercising, do not lie flat on your back completely. When you are pregnant, you have that extra baby bump weight too. It leads to a lot of pressure while you lie straight on your back. It harms the spinal cord and causes a lot of pain. Thus, lie on the left side instead. (Also read: Why is breastfeeding good for the health of the mother)

Do not take heavy exercises too much. Overstretching your body and muscles might lead to tearing apart the muscles and land you up in trouble. When you stretch your muscles, relaxin hormone is produced. It helps to enhance the flexibility of muscles. Thus, overstretching might harm muscles.

While you exercise there is a rapid fluctuation in the flow of blood. Thus, over exercising, taking twists and turns while doing so, can harm you. A sudden rise and fall in blood pressure might make you nauseatic. So, be a little careful and always do the exercise under the guidance of your doctor.

Some exercises, especially yoga involves a lot of breathing exercise. Make sure you do not hold your breath for long. This will leave you restless and may faint you. You might feel the shortage of breath and take a lot of time to get back to your actual breath.

Besides this, standing for too long and doing too much heavy exercise might make you feel dizzy. The uneven flow of blood might result in make you unconscious and affect your uterus health. (Also read: How to reduce weight during pregnancy safely and in a healthy manner)

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