The truth behind first poop and pee after your delivery

The truth behind first poop and pee after your delivery

You might have been in a real mess off late taking care of your newborn baby and your body as well. The pain of delivery that you recently came across after the labour does not end here. Sad, but true! A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes while she is pregnant and post her delivery. Be it a normal delivery or a cesarean one, the problems are most common with the woman. The body of woman becomes too sensitive after she delivers a baby. No one can imagine the gravity of pain, a woman’s body undergoes while she is delivering the baby. Getting back to their normal life is too far away from the mother who recently had a delivery. (Also read: Is going to gym after the delivery is safe)

Here are some true facts about post-delivery problems:

Peeing becomes painful: If you had a normal delivery, you will surely relate. After the delivery, the vagina burns beyond tolerable. The internal bruises cause vaginal burning so much so, that the first pee after delivery is too painful. So, do not panic and stay alert too. You might need a help!

No wiping down there: It happens in many cases. As you have got stitches down there, you won’t be allowed to harshly wipe yourself. You will have to skip wipe with paper and use minimal water. But it is a matter of few days only. (Also read: What are the best stretching exercises for pregnant women)

Stitches will pain a lot: Though you have undergone a delivery very comfortably, stitches might trouble you afterwards. When the effect of painkillers will fade away, you will start feeling the excruciating pain. The pain is intense that for a moment, you will feel like chopping that part off your body.

Fart is important: If you have undergone a cesarean delivery. Your body will make considerable changes inside out. This causes a major disturbance in your internal system. Your doctor might ask you to not eat heavy for few days or maybe a month too. She will even inquire about your digestion issues and fart as well. Wierd but true!

Be friends with stool softener: Your delivery has bruised you from inside. You will notice that your first poop after delivery will be extremely painful. As your muscles get stretched a lot during pregnancy, any more stress on that area will not be tolerable. However, your doctor will prescribe you softening pills that will help you to have pain free pooping. (Also read: How To Stay Happy During Pregnancy)

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