World Breast Feeding Week 2018: Some Important Tips For Mothers To Ease Night Time Breastfeeding

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Some Important Breastfeeding Tips For Mothers Art Night

World Breast Feeding Week (WBW) 2018: A mother and the baby should be comfortable during breastfeeding.

World Breast Feeding Week (WBW) 2018: No one would understand the situation you are going through with your newborn baby. You become almost exhausted every night after having a very busy day with your baby. From letting him sleep to feeding your breast milk, the nights are like a nightmare for you. But do not panic! The initial parenthood days are tough for everyone. But you can make it a bit simple by following these easy steps to breastfeed your newborn at night. These tips will help your child to sleep faster and that too after having the expected amount of breast milk. Let us round our eyes to these tips. (Also Read: What Are The Advantages Of Breastfeeding For A Mother)

World Breast Feeding Week 2018:  Important Tips For Mothers To Ease Night Time Breastfeeding

  • A comfortable position
  • Co-sleep with the baby
  • Keep it dark
  • Easy clothing

A comfortable position:
While breastfeeding your child, you should find out a right position for both of you. And you can do it by lying him on the bed. It will help both of you to fall asleep easily. Take a pillow and put it under his head. Position the baby properly and then bring the nipple close to the baby’s mouth. The baby would feel his mother’s touch and will ensure that you are near to him. It will help him keep calm easily and you both can have a cosy sleep.

Co-sleep with the baby:
Do not store your breastmilk at night. the born baby do understand that his mother is not with him and that is why he becomes anxious and starts crying. Whenever the baby cries because of hunger breastfeed him only. Always stay near to him. Especially at night do not try to make your baby sleep alone. Even though the baby room would be well monitored. Try to let him sleep in your arms while breastfeeding. You can try a Lullaby to let him sleep. But yes! co-sleep with him. (Also Read: Why Co-sleeping Is Extremely Beneficial For The Baby)

Keep it dark:
When you would try to let the baby sleep, keep the lights off. It will help him feel drowsy and he will feel asleep faster. Every time when you breastfeed your baby, he gets more energy to play. That is why at night always try to let your baby sleep at dark. So that, he also understands it is night time.

Easy clothing:
Wear pyjamas or a nightgown while breastfeeding your baby at night. Make an easy access for your baby to get the milk. Always wear nursing bras this time. These bras are easy to open and contains a chain to breastfeed the baby easily. But you have to be a bit careful because these type of bras can increase the risk of plugged ducts and mastitis.

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These are some of the important tips to ease the process of breastfeeding at night. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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