What Are The Side Effects Of Heat During Pregnancy

What Are The Side Effects Of Heat During Pregnancy

Summertime is extremely difficult for a pregnant woman. One can’t avoid day to day activities and has to go out. However, the extreme heat can affect the body of a pregnant lady in the worst way possible. Dehydration, nausea, excessive sweating etc. are few ways in which heat harms the body of the pregnant lady. If a pregnant woman spends most of the time in the heat for certain reasons, she may suffer from multiple health issues which can hamper the baby’s health too. That is why staying more in a cool and calm place is advisable during pregnancy. Hence, have a look at the following and know about the side effects heat during pregnancy. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Climb Stairs During Pregnancy)

Dehydration during pregnancy is not at all a good sign for the baby’s health. It makes you feel thirsty, you have dry mouth, feel a loss of appetite, hot flashes, fatigue etc. These all happen due to the heat during pregnancy. But the worst part is, this makes your baby suffer from lack of fluid and if it extends, there can be chances if fetal destruction too.

Heat rashes:
A pregnant lady can suffer from various body rashes during pregnancy if the heat increases. Generally, pregnancy invites a lot of skin problems due to the hormonal changes. But heat creates side effects mostly on the skin by bringing rashes all over the back, neck and hands. As a natural remedy, you can take a bath with oatmeal and light dusting of baking soda. (Also Read: What Are The Things To Avoid When You Are Breast feeding A Baby)

Birth Defects:
Excessive heat can trigger birth defects during pregnancy. That is why steam baths, hot tubs, sauna, heating pads are extremely harmful during pregnancy. These things increase the body temperature to a certain level which may lead to birth defects. Your baby feels lack of fluid and feels uncomfortable.

Heat cramps may lead to more serious condition during pregnancy. It can even lead you to miscarriage if it is happening during the first trimester. It can trigger other serious conditions like severe muscle cramps, the body loses electrolytes etc. That is why drinking a lot of water and eating a banana can replace lost magnesium and potassium. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy)

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