Rules one must follow to do exercise safely during pregnancy

Rules one must follow to do exercise safely during pregnancy

Taking up light exercises during pregnancy helps to ease the labour and keep the body active. There is no harm in doing exercises during pregnancy, but one should do it after consulting their doctors. Pregnancy being the happiest phase in one’s life, requires extra care and attention. Thus, one should follow simple rules to ensure a safe pregnancy. (Also read: Breathing exercise every pregnant women should practice)

Here is the list of rules one should follow while taking up exercises during pregnancy:

Consult your doctor: It is one of the first and the foremost rule of doing exercise. You should first consult your doctor and know about the position of the baby. Besides this, you should also consult the kind of exercises you can take up. Usually, if a pregnancy has some complications then the doctor denies doing exercise and suggest a complete bed rest.

Take up the required calories: While we do exercise, we burn out calories. Hence, it is very important that a necessary amount of calories must be taken to ensure the proper supply of nutrition to the unborn baby inside the womb. You can always check it up with your doctor. (Also read: How to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery)

Wear comfortable clothes: One can do exercise only when they are in comfortable clothes. Wearing loose and pregnancy gym gear will help you get the maximum out of your workout. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes to avoid an injury while working out.

Drink plenty of water: Water is a necessity of life. It becomes more important while you work out. we need water to cope up with the loss of fluids from the body in the form of sweet. staying hydrated is very necessary during pregnancy.

Don’t push yourself too much: Do your exercise in proportion. Don’t overdo it and then get all tired for the next few days. Plan it out and do it accordingly. Start with light exercises and gradually increase your take on it. If you feel the need to relax, you must stop!

Don’t do it in extremely hot and humid place: while you are pregnant your body is already secreting heat for two people. When you exercise, there is a proper flow of blood which keeps the body warm. Thus the temperature of the body rises. You need to cool down by shedding off the layers of clothes and taking a shower.

Don’t rush while shifting position: Always take your time to make a move or change your position. While you are pregnant, you are always carrying an extra weight with you. So, be a little cautious while you shift your position to avoid any mishap.

Take time to cool down: Once you are done with your exercises, sit and relax. Do some cool down exercise or stretching in order to bring the temperature of the body back to normal. It will help you to maintain the flexibility and will make your heart beat normal. (Also read: Eight Important Tips to Stay Fit During Pregnancy)

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