4 Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts That May Surprise You

Pregnancy Do's And Don'ts That May Surprise You

Pregnancy comes with a lot of physical and mental changes. Your body changes to an extent level and that is why your mental condition also gets changed. So, there are few things which you should not do because of your baby and few weird things you have to do. Your doctor would tell you about the basic do’s and don’ts about your pregnancy. Hence, here we are telling you all the things which may help take any stem with cautions. (Also Read: Five Things To Avoid For Keeping Your Baby Safe During Pregnancy)

Gel Manicure
Gel manicure looks so appealing and you may love this. But if you are pregnant, you should avoid this. Surprised? Thinking how? The compounds which are present in gel manicure is efficiently toxic to you and to your baby. Nail polishes can be absorbed to your bed while sleeping. These colour formulas have an ultraviolet lamp which is not good for your health even if you are not pregnant. This compound can lead your cells into malignant cells. So, you can understand how risky it would be for you during pregnancy.

Many of the women do not prefer doing waxing during their pregnancy. But it is absolutely safe for you. Actually, during pregnancy, the entire body blood flow becomes faster, that is why doing waxing may become a bit more painful or so. That is why you can apply any types of natural antiseptic before doing the waxing. This would immediately soothe the area of your body and can give a smooth feeling. Bikini waxing is perfectly safe for you during pregnancy. (Also Read: Tips For Fathers To Help Her During Labour)

Teeth Whitening Products:
Teeth whitening product should not be used during pregnancy as it is extremely harmful to your baby. To clean the teeth any types of treatment would include bleaching products which are avoidable during pregnancy. During the teeth cleaning procedure, many types of chemicals which can corrode tissue cells. That indirectly affects your baby cells too. That is why it is better to avoid using teeth cleaning products.

Deep Sun tanning:
Do you know tanning increases the risk of having cancer? So, getting tanned during pregnancy is not a good thing. You can go out anywhere but try to protect yourself always with an umbrella and most importantly sunscreen. If your baby bump gets direct rays of the sun, there are chances your belly get skin problems and rashes because of the UV rays. So, say a big NO to sun tanning and stay safe with your little one inside you. (Also Read: What Are The Causes Of Premature Birth)

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