Pregnancy Fitness

Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy

Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy

Lifting objects during pregnancy is a bit tricky. But there is nothing to worry about. You just need to choose the objects of right weight. Here is step by step guide for you to lift objects easily. Remember, heavy object lifting is highly prohibited.

Breathing exercise every pregnant women should practise

Breathing exercise every pregnant women should practise

Pregnancy needs various exercises to keep the entire body system flexible and activated. Amongst all the fitness regime, breathing exercises are most important for the unborn baby’s developing respiratory system. Here are three most useful breathing exercises for pregnant women.

How to reduce neck pain during pregnancy

How to reduce neck pain during pregnancy

With a lot of uneasiness and discomfort during pregnancy, neck pain is one of the most disappointing states. There are several ways in which a pregnant woman can relax and reduce the pain in the neck. Neck pain generally takes place due to increased weight while carrying a baby bump, leading to a lot of irritation.

How to cope with negative feelings during pregnancy

How to cope with negative feelings during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a lot of negative thoughts take shelter in a woman’s mind. Thus it becomes extremely important for a pregnant woman to deal with such negativity and stay happy. Staying positive during pregnancy is healthy for both baby and the mother.

Beat the heat during pregnancy

Beat the heat during pregnancy

We know that the heat of summer irritates you more than us. Your large baby bumps, the plump figure is making you feel discomfort every time. Here are some amazing tips for you to beat this summer heat and stay comfortable will your little baby inside.

Tips for working women during pregnancy

Tips for working women during pregnancy

When you are pregnant an extra care and consciousness can help you manage pregnancy and office work together. Here are some tips for you to maintain the relationship between both and having a happy pregnancy.