Some Myths And Facts About Exercises During Pregnancy

Some Myths And Facts About Exercises During Pregnancy

If we talk about exercising during pregnancy, there are a lot of concerns that comes to the mid of an individual. But with the time revolution, experts found that exercising during this time helps to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. It not just helps in having a healthy labour but makes a pregnant woman stay flexible and more comfortable. But, people think that exercise can harm the baby inside the womb and this concern makes many pregnant women stay idle at home which eventually makes the labour difficult. Hence, read these myth related to pregnancy fitness and know the truth. (Also Read: Which Exercises A Pregnant Woman Should Avoid Doing)

Myth: Abdominal exercises are not safe during pregnancy
Fact: It is not right. Abdominal exercises have many health benefits during pregnancy. Pregnancy demands a stretch of the abdominal and your entire core, including your pelvic floor. That is why various stretches and yoga are helpful for this. This will help to cope up with your posture problems which will be beneficial after the birth of the baby.

Myth: You cannot continue to run during pregnancy if you are a regular runner
Fact: The fact is, as soon as you feel alright, you can continue your running sessions during your pregnancy. But make sure your pregnancy is healthy and your doctor has given you a heads up. You can even run till your labour with fewer jumps and moderate body exercises. But it is all about your body. If you feel uncomfortable, do not force yourself into doing so. (Also Read: Breathing exercise every pregnant women should practise)

Myth: Increasing your heart rate more than 130 is dangerous during pregnancy
Fact: The fact is, there is no specific determination of heart rate exercises during pregnancy. Heart rate is the scale which determines how hard you are working out. But, if a pregnant woman is having the late phase of pregnancy then doing cardio exercise will be difficult for the baby. Otherwise, there is no concern regarding heart rate exercise.

Myth: There is no chance of fitness injuries as pregnancy exercises are soft and easy
Fact: The fact is, during pregnancy the woman body produces a hormone called relaxin. This hormone lubricates the bone joints during pregnancy. Hence, when the joints are well lubricated, the risk of injury increases. So, you have to be a little careful while doing the deep muscle and joint movements such as squats, heavy lunges etc.

Myth: You should stay away from sports during pregnancy
Fact: Except few dangerous sports like skiing, rollerblading, gymnastics, racket sports, and horseback riding, pregnancy does not require giving up on sports. Athletes can play their sports till their body supports them. But make sure your doctor has advised you to do so. Otherwise, if your pregnancy has some complications, you may have to stop your sports activities during late pregnancy phase. (Also Read: What Are The Important Factors About Work Out During Pregnancy)

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