Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy

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Is This Safe To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Do you use essential oils to your body and worrying that if it is safe for you the pregnancy or not? It is natural to worry for about it. Many pregnant women have this question. Essential oils have the history of being used for thousands of years either for cosmetic purposes or for its spirituality and uplifting properties. The advent of Aromatherapy has popularized the use of essential oils today. So, here we are going to talk about if essential oils are safe during pregnancy or not. Hope this discussion will help you to understand how your life changes during your pregnancy. (Also Read: 4 Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts That May Surprise You)

Factors That Influence The Safety Of Essential Oils during Pregnancy:
Before taking about which essential oils are good for you or not, we should discuss that the what are the factors work behind influencing the safety of using essential oils during pregnancy. These factors are:

1. The quality of essential oils has a vital role. It is important that the oil should be authentic and pure.

2. Essential oils have phenols and aldehydes. these two components are sometimes responsible for having a skin reaction.

3. The use of essential oils is many. You can apply it directly, inhale it or you can take it internally. Each of these ways has its safety measures. Hence, it is important to be aware of these safety measures before using the oil.

4. Longer exposure to essential oil can bring some side effects like nausea, vertigo, lethargy, and headaches. (Also Read: Five Things To Avoid For Keeping Your Baby Safe During Pregnancy)

What Are the safe essential oils can be used in pregnancy:
Citrus oils
Tea tree oil
Black Pepper
German chamomile
Ylang Ylang

What Are the unsafe essential oils can be used in pregnancy:
Sage and Rose
Jasmine and Clary Sage
Juniper Berry

Safety measures while using essential oils during pregnancy:

1. You should always use high-quality essential oils of the high-quality brands.

2. You can use these oils with the normal massage oils to dilute its fragrance a bit.

3. Once the oil reaches to under skin level of the body, it works like drugs. The molecules in essential oils are small, and there is a thin possibility that they reach the placenta.

4. Even if you love to use these oils and have read many articles on this, then also consult this to your doctor and then start using this to your body. It is better to make sure before doing anything, especially during your pregnancy. (Also Read: How Much Bed Rest Is Important During Pregnancy)

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