Is it safe to travel during pregnancy

Is it safe to travel during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial time and travelling during pregnancy makes it more complex. Though most of the women avoid long travelling during their critical period of 9 months, yet there are times when travelling is unavoidable. Well, in that case, you have to be completely well aware of your present health condition. You have to make sure that you are carrying a healthy pregnancy and discuss the same with your doctor. Besides this, you have to time your travelling, so that it may not affect you afterwards or leads to something serious. If we see the broader aspect of travelling during pregnancy, it is almost normal but one needs to be extra cautious. Don’t forget you are not ill, but you are carrying a life inside you. (Also read: Rules one must follow to do exercise safely during pregnancy)

So, here are some of the tips to keep in mind while you travel during pregnancy:

Talk to your doctor: You must talk to your doctor and communicate openly about the urgency of travelling. Your doctor won’t immediately recommend you to travel, you will have to undergo some tests to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Also, during the first 3 months, there is a high risk of miscarriage, thus, doctor’s do not usually advise travelling. Along with that morning sickness is at its full swing during first 3 months, so make sure you can manage to travel during this time. The preferable time of travelling is between 14 to 30 weeks of pregnancy. By this time you are well acquainted with your present state and thus there is less risk of any mishap. Do not travel after 30 weeks as the problems like a backache, leg swelling, heartburn are quite common. In case you are carrying multiples inside your womb, you should avoid travelling without a second thought. (Also read: What does the kick of the baby suggest during pregnancy)

Carry your complete medical records: God forbid, but you might need all your medical records while you are travelling during pregnancy. You must carry your medical documents that have a complete account of your present state. It will help in further treatment if required.

Make sure you carry your medicines and prescription: You should carry all your medicines with you. You never know, if you will get those to the place you are visiting. It’s also advisable to carry your prescription along, so in the case of any urgency, you have all the original documents with you and you can even get the alternative medicine for the prescribed medicine as well.

Check out the place you are travelling: You must make sure that the place you are travelling to, is not affected by any epidemic infection. It’s a fact, that while a person from outside enters a different country, he/she is more prone to infections. So, check it out and ignore travelling in such case.

Take a rest during travelling: Stretching your body and changing the positions frequently will help you to travel better. You can ask for help whenever you are uncomfortable. Avoid sitting for a very long time. Take a break and eat healthy while you travel.

If travelling by air, check the policies: Not all the airlines allow travelling during the last days of pregnancy without the approval of your doctor. Thus, make sure you have the approval to ensure the safety of your baby.

Besides all the above-mentioned point, try not to travel alone, until absolutely necessary. Travel with a family member or a friend if possible to travel safely and without much mental stress. (Also read: Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy)

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