Is It Safe To Climb Stairs During Pregnancy

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Is It Safe To Climb Stairs During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, there is no doubt that you will be concern about your safety issues. So, incorporation of safe choices in your lifestyle can give a huge list which you have to look after. Among everything, the first thing which comes to your mind is how much rest you need and how much work out you have to do. When it comes to body work out, did you ever thought about climbing stairs? Many times, right? So, here we are going to discuss the safety measures of climbing stairs. Hope this helps. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy)

If you are thinking to have some flexibility exercise or workouts, do not even think about climbing stairs would be a good exercise. Do may think of doing it as your exercise? But you can climb stairs with some safety measures. It is not unsafe. As long as you take the safety and the precautions in mind, you are free to climb stairs.

Many people have warned you not to climb the stairs. They are not wrong because A fall on a staircase during early pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage. During your initial days of pregnancy, the risk of falling on the stairs is less, but at the later stage, it increases. Your baby bump would make you feel heavy and you may not see the exact front area of your feet. That is why the chances of falling from stairs increases. (Also Reads: Dangerous Effects Of Passive Smoking During Pregnancy)

When To Avoid Climbing Stairs During Early Pregnancy:
Till the time, your doctor does not warn you to climb stairs, you can do it with safety measures. You can climb stairs as much as you want during your first trimester. But for your safety, here are some symptoms that signify you need to avoid using the staircase:

1. If you have a high risk of miscarriage then you should not climb stairs at all. Your doctor definitely tells you about it, but still, you have to be careful.

2. If your pregnancy has a high risk by your doctor or unfortunately if you have Diabetes then do not try to climb stairs during your pregnancy.

3. If you are experienced in one or more than that miscarriages.

4. If your age is more than 35 then also there may be chances of having miscarriages. So, do not think of climbing stairs.

5. If your doctor says that you are having twins or triplets, you do not have to stress your body by climbing stairs. (Also Reads: Important Facts Of Breast Feeding Which You Should Know)

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