Is going to gym after the delivery is safe

Is going to gym after the delivery is safe

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Staying healthy and fit post-pregnancy is extremely important. Yoga and gym are the good options to carry out some physical workout after pregnancy. Gaining weight is one of the most common things which every woman post her delivery faces. And this weight and extra kilos are difficult to shed. However, women are advised not to take up heavy exercises during this time. This is a complete myth that one should not practice exercises or do physical work after delivery. One should consult their doctor before taking strenuous exercises but a slight physical exercise harms no one. Besides this, you have to be extra careful about your diet and nutrition count in the body. (Also read: What are the best stretching exercises for pregnant women)

Is it safe to exercise after delivery?
In case, you are not burdened too much with heavy exercises, you can take up light exercise post your delivery. You get so exhausted after your delivery, that it becomes difficult to regain your strength. Thus, first visit your doctor to consult about the right time to start doing exercise. Hitting the gym or taking up Yoga exercise has immense benefits on the body.

It is safe to go to the gym and take up light exercises in the beginning. Make sure, you have the approval from your doctor. There is separate fitness routine for pregnant ladies or postpartum workout. So, talk to your gym instructor. Start going for walk, do light exercises, stretching etc. for the initial period. (Also read: What are the precautions one should take after delivery)

What are the benefits of doing exercise after the delivery?
It’s always challenging to take up exercise and follow a fitness routine after undergoing a baby delivery. You will need a lot of effort to ask your body to take up something tiring again. But, trust us, you will feel great and energetic.

  1. It helps in shedding the extra kilos you have gained while you were pregnant and even post delivery.
  2. Going to the gym helps you to gain the energy and activeness back in your life.
  3. It even helps to regulate your mood and give up on the irritation.
  4. Exercise helps you to keep your heart healthy and strong after the delivery.
  5. Don’t start taking up exercise before you past 6 months of your delivery. However, if you had a c-section delivery, your wait is even longer.
  6. Don’t lift up heavy weights initially in the gym. (Also read: How much water should a pregnant lady drink)
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