World Health Day 2018 : Important Tips For A Healthy And Happy Pregnancy

Important Tips For A Healthy And Happy Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is the most adorable feeling. Be it your first or second pregnancy, the excitement and love you feel are beyond any comparisons. The nine months long journey needs the patience to go through. You take all the necessary advice, precautions and prescriptions by the doctor. However, there are many more safety tips and measures which you should follow to make have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Thus, read the article below to know the important tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy. [Also Read: What are the tips to look good during pregnancy]

Use Selected Cosmetics:

While you are pregnant, you have to be extremely selective about your cosmetics selection. It’s not only your diet that affects the child but also the cosmetic you wear. Hence, you need to stay away from cosmetics which do not have Retinoids, Hydroxy Acids or Salicylic Acid. Try to go for natural products more when you are pregnant.

Stretch Your Body:

You may feel cramps often during pregnancy. Therefore, to reduce the same, stretch often throughout the day. You must stretch before bed. It is recommended to opt for light exercises or prenatal yoga to stay fit and healthy.

Watch Your Sleeping Position:

You should be extra careful with your sleeping position as it excessively puts an impact on your child. Sleeping on the left side is considered safe and healthy. While sleeping in this position you let more oxygen and nutrients reach your child. [Also Read: How To Save Your Child’s Health During Pregnancy]

Drink Enough Water:

Staying hydrated is the foremost tip for a healthy and happy pregnancy. Drink as much water as you can (at least 8-10 glasses) to keep your amniotic fluid at a level. Drinking enough water can also help you to reduce nausea.

Wear Comfy Shoes:

Your footwear also plays a major role in pregnancy. The lower back pain during pregnancy keeps you at discomfort. Your legs may also swell up hence, wear comfortable shoes whenever you move out to not worsen your health.

Change Your Daily Lifestyle:

If you have bad food habits like eating junk food then, it’s the perfect time to quit the same. Junk food has trans fats which are not at all good for you as well as your baby. Moreover, if you smoke or drink alcohol, its high time to say a STRICT NO to them. [Also Read: Is It Safe To Climb Stairs During Pregnancy]

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