Important Facts Of Breast Feeding Which You Should Know

Important Facts Of Breast Feeding Which You Should Know

Breastfeeding is a necessary part right after the delivery. Those who breastfeed may experience multiple of strange physical changes. It is not necessary that every breastfeeding woman has to experience these changes. But the majority of the women do. Hence, You also have to be aware of all these strange and important facts about breastfeeding. This can help you not to get confused between your regular health problems and breastfeeding facts. Hence, here we go with the facts of breastfeeding: (Also Read: How Much Bed Rest Is Important During Pregnancy)

Thre nursing related facts:
Nursing has various secrets. From getting hairier legs to the darker nipple, these all are the breastfeeding facts. Sometimes, your breasts will be sore and painful. But that does not mean you stop feeding your baby. The fact is the more you feed the baby the more you will produce breast milk. This is good for your health. Do not panic.

Yout periods would be irregular:
Many moms during her breastfeeding days do not menstruate. The reason of not having periods is the hormone Prolactin. While your baby sucks your breasts, this hormone starts secreting. That is why your menstruation circle effects badly and you stop menstruating. If the mother breastfeeds for more than a year, there is a possibility the mother would not get her periods for an average of 14 months. (Also Read: Some Important Tips For Mothers To Ease Night Time Breastfeeding)

Nursing boosts sleeping:
You know that babies fall asleep while having the breastmilk. But do you know that breastfeeding can boost your sleeping power too? Tes! That is true. When you breastfeed, the hormone oxytocin starts releasing. This trigger in getting a calming effect which allows the nursing moms to relax. That is why you also feel relax and fall asleep too.

No Soap to use:
We know that you can take a bath without using a soap. But as you are nursing, do not use a soap. Use a soap to your breasts can dry out your skin. After that, your skin and especially your nipple get uncomfortable crackings. This will make your breast more sore and painful. If you have to clean yourself, it is better to use a medicated body wash. This will gentle to the skin and give you a relaxation. (Also Read: What Are The Advantages Of Breastfeeding For A Mother)

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