World health Day 2018: How To Save Your Child’s Health During Pregnancy

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How To Save Your Child's Health During Pregnancy

The beautiful nine months journey of pregnancy is very exciting. Everyone pampers you and the feeling of motherhood which you receive is extremely wonderful. And to enjoy this motherhood to the fullest, you have to be extra careful. Your child receives all the nutrients through you. Whatever you eat, drink or feel directly affects your child. Hence, you have to be all good in every moment. There are many things which you do day-to-day during pregnancy which may hit your child. Hence, read in this article how you can save your child’s health during pregnancy. [Also Read: What Are The Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman]

Say No To Alcohol:

You must restrict alcohol as soon as you become aware of your pregnancy. Intake of alcohol during pregnancy restricts the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your baby. Hence, as your baby is reliable on your for both, you may put its life at risk. Thus, you must not drink even a little of alcohol to be safe and healthy.

Limit Intake Of Caffeinated Products:

Drinking caffeinated products like coffee and soda may cause you severe health issues. Intake of caffeinated products in a limited amount is preferable, however, increased consumption may cause miscarriage or premature birth. Thus, be cautious and keep your child in good health. [Also Read: What are the most common concerns in the mind of a pregnant lady]

Maintain Good Sitting Posture:

A good sitting posture is essential during pregnancy to reduce the pain and stress. When you are pregnant, you already undergo pain in your back and abdomen. Hence, you must not sit with crossed legs as it decreases the blood circulation and with legs hanging as it may cause swelling.

Watch Your Seat Belt:

While travelling, never fasten your seat belt as low as possible. Avoid fastening it on your tummy as it may tighten your baby in case of a sudden break.

Sleep On Your Left Side:

While sleeping, you must lie down on your left side. Sleeping on the left side increases the blood and nutrients flow to your baby and keep him healthy. [Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Should Stop Working During Pregnancy]

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