How to reduce weight during pregnancy safely and in a healthy manner

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How to reduce weight during pregnancy safely and in a healthy manner

For all those pregnant ladies who have gained extra weight during pregnancy, here is what you need to shed those extra kilos. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a normal thing, but an excess of weight gain is troublesome. There is a fixed proportion of weight that the female body gains during pregnancy depending on their body type and the baby’s weight too. Sometimes due to lack of physical activity, a female body gains extra weight and thus they are prone to many troubles. Excess weight gain makes the delivery difficult. It also leads to complications during the final months of the pregnancy. Hence, if you are putting on extra weight, you must try to lose it in a healthy manner. But before that seek how much extra weight have you gained. (Also read: What are the important tips for the first time pregnancy)

How to reduce weight during pregnancy safely and in a healthy manner?

Reduce your intake of calories: People usually misguide pregnant ladies by saying that they need to eat for two. However, this is the major misconception in the mind of the people. A pregnant lady should take a maximum of 1700 of calories in a day. This much quantity of calories is enough for the baby and the mother. Beyond that, counts to the fat accumulation in the body.

Indulge in a physical workout: Pregnancy does not mean you are ill or you can’t perform any physical workout. Many people mistake pregnancy as a license for bed rest. It’s a complete no! This leads to obesity and makes the delivery difficult. One should perform an exercise for at least 30 minutes during pregnancy. Take up light exercises like walking, aerobics, yoga or swimming. All these are safe for a pregnant ladies. You should first consult your doctor before taking up any physical workout. (Also read: How does lemon water help you while breastfeeding)

Eat in moderation: A pregnant lady should not remain hungry for a long period of time. Thus, they should eat after a short interval of time. But that does not mean stuffing oneself. Eat in small quantities at a short interval of time.

Eat nutritious food: Instead of eating junk food, one should eat a healthy and nutrients rich food. One must completely stay away from junk and oily food during pregnancy. Eating healthy and well-nourished diet will help to the healthy development of the baby and will ensure safe delivery later on.

Take prenatal vitamins: Pre-natal vitamins are necessary for pregnant ladies. One must take prenatal vitamins as they contain fewer calories and help in reducing weight in an effective manner. (Also read: What are the most common concerns in the mind of a pregnant lady)

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