How to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery

How to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery

Female body undergoes a lot of physical changes during and post-pregnancy time. The women who undergo cesarian delivery takes some time to reduce the extra accumulated body weight. Post delivery their body asks for supplementary time to heal the wound, weakness, backaches and other problems.

Here we have provided some home remedies to reduce the bulges hanging out of the body after cesarian delivery.

Breastfeeding is good: It has been believed since ages that breastfeeding is a healthy practice for all the new mothers and newborn babies. It helps to burn the body fat and calories for almost around 850 calories per day.

The mother’s milk is best for the growth and health of the child. It provides essential nutrients to the baby. It develops a close bond between both of them and makes the nurturing easy.

During the process of breastfeeding a hormone called Oxytocin is released from the body which helps in contraction of the uterus and even reduces the post delivery bleeding.

Detoxify your body: Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fibres to regulate your digestive system and throw out of extra toxins from the body. Keep your body hydrated and to ensure the proper functioning of liver and kidney drink lots of water. You can also switch to green tea and lemon water to reduce the fat collected in the body.

Eat healthy food: We all have been following a myth that a mother’s body requires twice the food during her pregnancy period, but this is not a true fact. You might feel the urge of eating more post delivery, so go healthy. Rely more on nutritious food instead of going all junk. Between your meals, when hungry include fruits, salads, an extra glass of milk, low-fat dairy products in your diet. Eat more of protein rich food like chicken, fish, and eggs so that you feel satiated for a longer time.

Wearing a postpartum belt: Women experience a lot of back pain post their delivery. After the c section, the belly fat gathers causing flab. Supporting your back and belly with the firmness of postpartum belt or band would help you reduce those extra kilos. It will serve beneficial in backaches as will and ensure in making the perfect poise and easy body movement.

Do physical exercise: No matter how hard we control our diet and take up necessary measures, physical exercise is must in order to reduce the flabby belly. But wait, consult your doctor before taking up the physical activity, as after the cesarian delivery body needs extra care. Don’t be too harsh on your body and start up with light exercises. Already your body has gone through enough pain, so don’t make these exercises stressful. Make sure your stitches are not stretched or gets affected by the same. You can practice light Yoga asanas, pelvic tilt, bridge posture, sides stretching and many others. Remember to perform exercises under the guidance of a gym instructor to avoid stress on the fresh stitches.

Every female body is unique in its own way. The process of reducing belly fat might involve a lot of time, so be patient.

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