How to reduce the stretch marks post pregnancy

How to reduce the stretch marks post pregnancy

A woman’s body undergoes many transformations during the phase of pregnancy. Gaining weight in a large amount leads to the appearance of stretch marks on different body parts like stomach, calves, and thighs. While you are going through this beautiful phase of life, don’t get worried about these stretch marks.

Listed below are some unique tips that would help you to get away with undesirable stretch marks.

Moisturising the body is necessary: Moisturise your body and massage it with coconut oil. It will reduce the dryness and thus won’t let the skin to break out. There are certain types of fatty acids present in coconut oil that would provide proper nourishment to the skin.

Drink plenty of water: Water is a solution of almost every problem. Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. Water helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, so include more water in your day.

Buy a good shea and cocoa butter: A good nourishment is provided to the body with the usage of cocoa and shea butter. They enrich our body with fatty acid and make it soft and healthy. These products provide natural hydration and elasticity by simply massaging the body with the same.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an essential oil for providing the body with adequate nourishment. Either involve vitamin E in your diet or switch to massaging your body with vitamin E enriched oil. Almond oil is the best available option for the same.

Vitamin C: We all are aware of the benefits of vitamin C to our skin. It helps in rejuvenating our skin and keep the body hydrated. Including vitamin C rich fruits or food products in diet would help to keep the skin free from rashes and stretch marks. Vitamin C also blesses us with the healthy growth of the child.

Carry adequate zinc in the body: Studies revealed that the appearance of stretch marks are higher in those women who lack zinc in their body. A proper nutritious diet is required to add zinc to the body. One can also consult their doctor to include supplements in their diet to eradicate this shortfall.

Eat moderately: It’s a misconception that women should eat for two people instead of one while she is pregnant. Usually the diet and hunger in women increases but that doesn’t call for two. Eat according to the hunger not what you hear people saying.

Exfoliate your body: Exfoliation is important for the body at every stage. Scrubbing, polishing, exfoliating are the steps that decrease the possibility of stretch marks on the body. Use a good massaging cream or oil to apply on the belly and do it often.

Eat gelatin: Gelatin is good to maintain the elasticity of the skin as it contains collagen in it. So consumption of gelatin would help in removing the stretch marks or minimise their appearance on the body.

Switch to medicated ointments: Even undertaking all the necessary measures, stretch marks still show up, then switch to the medicated ointments available in the market to get rid of the same.

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