How to reduce neck pain during pregnancy

How to reduce neck pain during pregnancy

The feeling of happiness arrived with a pinch of irritation and pain during the phase of pregnancy and post delivery. A female body undergoes severe back pain, neck pain, nausea, uneasiness etc. while she is carrying a baby. Here are some tips to get rid of the neck pain that disrupts your normal working.

What are the causes of neck pain during pregnancy?

Once you enter the stage of pregnancy there are many hormonal changes that your body undergoes which might sometimes result in neck pain as one of its symptoms.

As the body posture changes due to baby bump, the neck muscles may stretch out, causing severe pain near and around the neck area.

While being in the state of pregnancy, we often do not involve in much movement and usually walk stiffly and sit in the same posture, which might trouble your neck. Even it is suggested to sleep towards the left side of your body to have a better sleep at night, this also might hurt your neck more.

How to prevent neck pain during pregnancy?

Take care of your body posture: Though it’s really tough to carry that baby weight and maintain the body posture as well, yet it is best advised to not ignore it. As you gain weight week by week, the spinal cord becomes more pressurised which in turn would leave a pressure on your neck as well. So beware and take care of body positions.

Go for swimming: Under the guidance of your doctor, start going for swimming. It is a fact that swimming is the best exercise one should do, in order to get relief from neck pain.

Avoid overstressing yourself: If you are a working woman and going through the phase of pregnancy, spending lot of time working on the laptop and sitting overtime is bad. Therefore, set a good level of your eye and screen, to avoid stressing your neck. Don’t look down or sit in any such position which might overstrain your neck region.

Take a short break: While you are over timing and working for long, take a small break and do some quick stretching exercise that would provide relief to your body. There are certain exclusive exercises for pregnant ladies, seek an expertise advice and practice them at home. It is a healthy option for both baby and mother.

Relax and get a massage done: Hit a massage parlour often to tone down your body and get relaxed. A massage therapy is a good option to switch to in case you want to calm down your body.

Switch to the comfortable mattress and pillow: This is the necessity that one should look out for. A comfortable bed and pillow are the things that will provide you ultimate ease while you lie down on your bed. Avoid too hard and too soft things, they only trigger up the pain. Make sure you sleep on your own bedside with your mattress and pillow. It will make you feel more comfortable.

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