How to cope with negative feelings during pregnancy

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How to cope with negative feelings during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase which undoubtedly brings a series of mood swings along with it. You must be frightened about the well-being of your baby, about the body changes you are undergoing, kind of delivery, adapting to the present pregnant state and all of them contribute to making you vulnerable to negative thoughts.

This depressed state only makes you escape the wonderful feeling of welcoming motherhood in your life. Let’s have a look as to how can we cope with the negative feelings during pregnancy:

Encourage positivity in your life: It is very necessary that we adhere to positivity more than anything else in our life. A positive mindset can make us win the toughest battles and this should be our motto. (Also read: How to reduce the stretch marks post pregnancy)

Do what makes you happy: Nothing in this world will bring you happiness more than taking out time for yourself. Enjoying the alone time with your baby and doing things that you like. You may pursue your own hobby, sing to your baby and talk to your baby conveying your feelings. You will feel closer to your baby and build up a bond with him that will strengthen your relationship.

Pamper yourself: It is very necessary that you pamper yourself. Go out and engage yourself in different activities. Hanging out with your friends, watching your favourite movie, walking around the garden, relaxing in a spa or undertaking Yoga for pregnancy are all healthy options and will help you gain positivity.

Maintain a pregnancy diary: It’s an interesting way of collecting your memories as each day passing. You can jot down your thoughts and feelings that you are encountering every day. There will be multiple changes taking place in your body you can note to feel lighter and in a way sharing your emotions about your baby’s first movement and your growing connection with him.

Know more about how you can take care of your baby: The internet is flooded with many such articles and blogs about how one can take care of the baby. Read them often enough to get well acquainted with how can you do your best for the well-being of your baby and your own self.

Know the factor that is under your control: Don’t get disheartened because you are emotionally week at this time. There are many factors which are under our control like keeping yourself away from negative thoughts and welcome new positivity in our life. There are certain factors that are natural which you cannot have control over, so try to have a mindset that you don’t have to be anxious and pissed off with any such event.

Treat your body well: It is very necessary that before anything you love your body more. Enjoy this blessed phase of life. All these physical changes are temporary, don’t let your confidence get shattered. Go out and take a walk, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the freshness.

Take a healthy diet: It is necessary that you take a proper balanced and nourished diet to keep your baby and yourself healthy. Rely more on fruits and green leafy vegetables that do good to your body. Cut down or avoid junk food as much as you can. Eating healthy will help you be in good mood and keep away the random negative thoughts. Consult your dietitian and plan your diet accordingly. Also stay hydrated to avoid stress and have flawless skin.

Exercise daily and do physical workout: Exercise does not means go hard over heavy exercises. Under the guidance of a proper gym expert, practice exercises that are meant for pregnant ladies. You can opt for Yoga and even can go out for morning and evening walks. It’s important that you remain physically fit, healthy and active.

Get enough sleep and rest: It is necessary that you don’t stress yourself. Take short breaks to rest in between your hectic day. Don’t burden yourself during this crucial phase of life and take enough rest. It’s important that you take care of your sleep and enjoy sound sleep at night. Think about the good things that happened to you during the day to keep the negativity away.

Understand the changes in hormones: Hormones play a vital role in regulating your mood. During pregnancy often you will acknowledge days where you must be super excited and days where you feel low. All this is a game of hormones, let them play. Don’t pay much heed to something not under your control. All you have to pay heed is to maintaining positivity around you.

Build a social network: Connect with ladies who are going through the similar phase of pregnancy. Talk to them and exchange ideas. It’s good to know their experiences and be vocal about your own. It will help you know pregnancy better and you will not feel alone.

Build a bond with your partner: It is the best time you can make a bond with your partner stronger than before, It’s a journey that you both are undergoing, cherish it. Share and express your feelings to your partner. Spend some time with your partner and the feeling of being parents soon. It will strengthen up your bond as it is believed that a baby binds the couple together.

See a therapist or counsellor: It’s a good option to see a counsellor’s help when in need. Convey all your feelings to them and seek an expert advice to deal with the problems you were not able to cope with. They can help you fight depression and keep the negativity away from your life.

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